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JAPAN FOOD TOURS: Behind the Noren Curtain

“Our Japan food tour was arranged so that we experienced the highlights of the country as well as its cuisine. Our guide was superb. She exposed us to so much and was very attuned to what each guest was interested in doing. The experience exceeded expectations.” – Adrienne

From the moment you arrive in Japan, you are struck by the refined balance of a modern society rooted in centuries-old traditions. The ornate carvings of ancient shrines are illuminated by the glow of city lights; the brightly-colored fashions of Harajuku are contrasted by the elegance of traditional silk kimonos; and the sparse serenity of zen gardens provide a respite from bustling cities. Explore Japan’s culture through its cuisine and discover its vast treasures on one of our Japan food tours.

Bask in the verdant green of surrounding forests as you soak in geothermal hot springs. Join masters of age-old traditions as they share their ancient rituals. Tantalize your taste buds with world-renowned Japanese food that is just as beautiful to behold as it is exquisite to eat. 

Journey from bustling Tokyo to historic Kyoto. Along the way, discover the timeless villages and sacred pilgrimage routes of the Kii Peninsula, sample the delectable street food of Osaka, take part in a tea ceremony, cook a farm-to-table meal, and make meaningful connections with the kind and intriguing people of this island nation.

NOTE: Our July 2020 departure ends in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies in Tokyo, for those wishing to extend this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Top Japanese Culinary Tour Experiences:

  • Two Japanese cooking classes: learn to make soba noodles and cook a hearty farm-to-table meal
  • Dine on fresh seafood straight from the fisherman’s net, on the Kii Peninsula
  • Sample the renowned street food of Osaka
  • Explore Kyoto’s Nishiki Market on a tasting tour
  • Take part in an ancient tea ceremony
  • Enjoy a traditional Buddhist vegetarian lunch at Tenryuji temple

 Japan food  tours are a delicious way to explore this exotic and fascinating culture. For more information, please call 1-800-567-9400 or email us today.

Authentic Japanese Food

Japan’s cuisine evokes its diverse landscape – the seas, rivers, and mountains of Japan offer seasonal bounties, and the shun, or peak season, of various produce is anxiously awaited by all. After the thaw of winter, delicate bamboo shoots, strawberries, and rapeseed buds spring forward; in the warmth of summer, watermelon and cucumber offer respite from the heat; fall witnesses the abundance of sweet potatoes, chestnuts and mushrooms; and winter warms the palate with tart citrus and bitter daikon.

It is not just this seasonality that distinguishes Japanese food, but the practiced restraint that allows chefs to highlight the natural flavor and texture of each ingredient. This results in a culinary experience that is elegant yet refined, and simple yet transportive.


Japan Food Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Our Japan Food Tours Begin in Tokyo

Transfer to your 4-star hotel. Enjoy a welcome dinner with your group. Overnight in a Western-style hotel.


Day 2: Discover Traditional Tokyo & Soba Making Class

Tour historic Tokyo and visit a large Buddhist temple with a five-story pagoda. Finish the day with a soba making class. Overnight in a Western-style hotel.


Day 3: Explore Modern Tokyo

Visit a Shinto shrine and explore Tokyo’s lively neighborhoods. Overnight in a Western-style hotel.


Day 4: Journey to the Kii Peninsula

Explore a shrine on Kumanu Kodo pilgrimage route and dine on local Kii Peninsula specialities. Overnight in a traditional Japanese-style ryokan.


Day 5: Ancient Pilgrimage Route

Dine on fresh seafood and continue on to the picturesque Nachi Taisha shrine and waterfall. Overnight in a traditional Japanese-style ryokan.


Day 6: Travel to Kyoto

Afternoon tasting walk of Nishiki market, then explore the Gion – a district famous for its geisha. Overnight in a Western-style hotel.


Day 7: Cooking Class & Street Food Tour

Visit Asuka with its beautiful landscape of terraced rice fields. Farm to table cooking class. Sample the famous street food of Osaka. Overnight in a Western-style hotel.


Day 8: Cultural Treasures of Kyoto

Visit temples and shrines. Buddhist vegetarian lunch at Tenryuji Temple. Tour Nijo Castle and participate in a tea ceremony. Farewell dinner. Overnight in a Western-style hotel.


Day 9: Japan Food Tour Ends

Share a final breakfast with your group before heading to the airport for your journey home.


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