Our Culinary Tour Reviews


We love to talk about our tours. But we also know it’s helpful to read culinary tour reviews from our guests:

It felt like an Anthony Bourdain experience. The right amount of history, culture, food and politics. Cuba is a fascinating place and we were able to see and experience it through a native - the best way to travel.
— Julie

In short, the trip was amazing in every respect! [Our guide] was perfect… exceedingly knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. The food was spectacular, the venues fascinating, and the itinerary varied and full without being overwhelming.
— Eric

The trip was arranged so that we were exposed to the highlights of the country as well as its cuisine. Our guide was superb. She exposed us to so much and was very attuned to what each guest was interested in doing. The experience exceeded expectations. We were exposed to many facets of the cuisine and came away with ideas for how we can incorporate more Japanese elements into what we eat at home.
— Adrienne

I’ve been an international traveler for 40 years. This was the best tour ever.
— Elizabeth

Our experience on the South Africa trip was amazing. Our guide and our driver were both extremely knowledgeable and fun. The itinerary was perfect, and provided a wonderful culinary and cultural experience across this beautiful, diverse country. We’re only sad it is over. Thank you.
— Dorothy

We loved the tour! It was very well orchestrated. Every day was a diverse and deep immersion into Cuban culture and cuisine from morning till night! Having only 10 or less guests makes the tour group easily able to access many intimate services and locations that larger buses full tours cannot feasibly do so.
— Andrea

From the large Paladars to the small roadside pork sandwiches, we loved every bite. We were thrilled with the diversity of the trip, each activity was perfect! We learned so much about the people, the countryside, and the food was delicious and abundant! Our housing was lovely in both Havana and Trinidad. Julia in the office was very helpful with all of my questions.
— Julia

This trip exceeded my expectations in every way. It included a great variety of experiences and I appreciate how well the schedule helped us avoid the large tour group/cruise ships and hot weather. Couldn’t have asked for better.
— Susannah

The food and cooking classes were outstanding, the riads were beautiful and very pleasant, and Kasbah Omar was a completely unexpected experience. Julia was also very helpful and stayed in constant communication.
— Kristen

We had a fabulous time - felt like we got a great mix of culture, education and fun. And just enough free time. We had great meals and learned a lot about the culture through these meals, and each experience was unique and fun and nothing felt too touristy.
— Danielle

Our guide Yen and Leo our driver made this trip incredible. Yen gave us a lot of historical information along with a lot of fun stuff. It was very balanced. As my husband said, she got me to do things that I never would have done on my own. She made me feel young.” She did make the trip fun and we laughed a lot with her. We loved her and will stay in contact. Julia Houghton was also terrific. She answered all questions the same day and was very responsive and knowledgeable in her answers. Great service from her.
— Sue

Our Cuba trip was just great. From locations visited to accommodations, everything was more than expected. We really got to know the Cuban people and how excited they were to see us and show us their country...they are very warm and happy no matter the conditions! We really got to know your representatives/guides and both did an exceptionable job in showing us Cuba and every day was a joy to spend with them. I can not thank them enough for the hospitality and I will not hesitate to recommend Access Trips.
— Bruce

We loved everything about Cuba, all of it was amazing. Our guide was so good, informative and gentle.
— Lynn

I normally don’t travel on group tours, but this one was different. Access Trips’ small group sizes meant that I didn’t get lost in the crowd, and we were able to have unique activities that only would have happened with a group that size!
— Peter

I loved the tour, loved the country, and loved the other people in the group!
— Donna

I loved traveling with Access Trips! I got to experience many things I would not have otherwise and I appreciated their attention to detail.
— Cindy

We had many worthwhile experiences with Access Trips! They were well-thought out and there was a good variety of experiences.
— Beth

I had a great experience! Cuba is beautiful, and I thought our itinerary did a great job of showing us different parts of the country. The other people in our group were awesome, which made the whole experience even better.
— Cecilla

What I liked about the trip is we got access to a lot of unique experiences that would have been impossible or very difficult to replicate. Also, since Cuba is still developing, the amount of planning I would have needed to do would have been very challenging. This is the first US-based tour we have ever done and it was worth it, I am normally a DIY vacationer.
— Marty

We couldn’t have asked for a better trip. The tour itself was filled with special places which allowed us to get a more complete sense of the country and its people. There was lots to see, but there was also plenty of time for us to “do our own thing”, allowing us to go off on our own to investigate and find our way. Even though several people warned us about the mediocre food they experienced in Cuba, we found the places we were taken and the places which were recommended were extraordinary.
— Judi & Edina

We had an amazing time! The country was beautiful, fun, lively. The guides were very helpful, skilled, engaging and wonderful. Our tour group were a bunch of lovely people that we enjoyed getting to know and share this great experience with.
— Deborah

The tour was scheduled well to enjoy the many highlights of the trip without feeling rushed. The restaurants were fantastic, the farm to table experiences were excellent, and historic stops along the way were interesting.
— Rick

Perfect programming, great guide, and driver, just enough scheduled events, with a bit of downtime in the late afternoon, villa was absolutely perfect for our group.
— Daniel

This trip exceeded my expectations. All the food was outstanding, the accommodations were lovely and the history lessons informative. The company accommodated my food allergy without hesitation. (I have a seafood allergy and much of the food was primarily seafood). The others on the tour were easy to travel with and I hope to see them again in future
— Kimberly

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