Our Culinary Travel Philosophy

Blending Culture, Cuisine, and Connection

Many people believe that culinary travel is only about eating delicious food when you travel – and it is! But it’s also about so much more. Sensory and memorable, food is the most basic aspect of culture that binds us to our families, our heritage, and our culture. That’s why one of the best ways to explore a new culture is through its cuisine. Culinary travel is the ideal way to come in contact with everyday people living their lives, with traditions, stories and flavors that have been passed down for generations. “Exploring Culture Through Cuisine” is more than just our tagline, it’s our mantra. Each of our small-group culinary tour itineraries tells the unique story of the destination through the lens of food, while giving you unparalleled access to the local culture. We are committed to sharing the rich cultural treasures and timeless food traditions of a region through authentic, up-close and personal travel experiences you might never find on your own.


Discover the Source of Local Foods

With Access Culinary Trips, it’s just as much about discovery as it is about destination. Our particular style of culinary travel is designed to connect you with the local cuisine, from soil to serving and from grape to glass. Travel like an insider to flourishing farms and verdant vineyards. Soak up the passion of the local producers and chefs, and taste for yourself the heart and soul that goes into producing the regional cuisine and local libations. 

Wander Through Vibrant Markets 

No matter what culinary vacation you take with us, you’ll visit local markets, always colorful, bustling, and packed with atmosphere. Mingle with villagers as you people-watch, sample local delicacies, and even test out your language skills. For the culinary traveler, visiting colorful markets in ancient cities and rural areas provides a magnificent slice of life – a hands-on way to experience a destination’s culture and connect authentically with locals.


Connect with the Locals

Whether you’re exploring a Zulu tribal village in South Africa, or taking part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, there’s no better way to get to know a place than connecting with the locals. Our style of culinary travel gives you countless opportunities to chat with a winemaker, make friends with a farmer, or learn from a chef. This allows you to absorb the culture, lifestyle and attitude of the places you visit. 

Cook with World-Class Chefs 

Our award-winning culinary travel includes highly skilled and passionate chefs who add another authentic, person-to-person element to your food tour. Often, these chefs grew up learning to cook at their grandmother’s knee, and they are happy to share their culinary expertise and traditions that have been handed down through generations. They teach you to cook spectacular meals, and they’ll also share their secrets and stories about what foods were used for special family holidays and what herbs had medicinal value. They are dedicated to giving top quality, authentic cooking classes filled with laughter, friendship and memories to last a lifetime.


Eat, Savor, Repeat

Eating utilizes all five senses. Not only do we taste our food, we also touch it, smell it, listen to it sizzle in the pan, and devour it with our eyes. This is why we carefully select each and every venue for our food tour experiences, from authentic local restaurants to private farms, kitchens and vineyards. We pride ourselves on the local expertise, knowledge, and vast network of connections that bring our culinary travels to life. While we have been honored with many accolades and recognition from top travel writers and publications, the most important recognition comes from our valued guests, who return to us again and again.