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Hungry for adventure? Now is your chance to embark on the world’s most authentic food tours, in exciting and delicious destinations around the world. Bring your appetite and get ready to explore culture through cuisine with the experts in food travel.

With Access Culinary Trips, food takes the focus. Picture yourself perusing the fragrant, spice-filled market stalls of Morocco, cooking up a mouth-watering Thai curry alongside the locals in Bangkok, or hunting truffles in Tuscany. Tap into your inner foodie as you cook with, and learn from, passionate expert chefs, even celebrity chefs in some cases. Connect with locals as you talk — and taste — with an oyster farmer, a baker or winemaker. And sit down to enjoy unforgettable meals in the company of new-found friends who savor food, travel and culture as much as you do. Bon appetit!

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Food Tours on Five Continents

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Food Travel With All the Right Ingredients

Vietnamese woman selling produce on Access Culinary Trips food tours

No matter what food vacation you take with us, you’ll visit local markets, always colorful, bustling and packed with atmosphere. For the culinary traveler, it’s an instant, hands-on way to access a destination’s culture. Mingle with villagers as you people-watch, sample local delicacies, and even test out your language skills.

Japanese woman carrying produce on Access Culinary Trips food tours to Japan

With Access Culinary Trips, it’s just as much about discovery as it is about destination. Our food tours are designed to connect you with the local cuisine, from soil to serving and from grape to glass. Travel like an insider to flourishing farms and verdant vineyards. Soak up the passion of the local producers and chefs, and taste for yourself the heart and soul that goes into producing the regional food and wine.

Access Culinary Trips food tours include cooking classes with expert chefs

On our award-winning food vacations, our highly skilled and passionate chefs add an authentic, person-to-person element. Often, these chefs grew up learning to cook at their grandmother’s knee, and they are happy to share their culinary expertise and traditions that have been handed down through generations. Not only will they teach you to cook spectacular meals, but they’ll also share their secrets and stories about what foods were used for special family holidays and what herbs had medicinal value. They are dedicated to giving top quality, authentic food tours filled with laughter, friendship and memories to last a lifetime.

Travelers enjoy meals together on Access Culinary Trips food tours

Eating utilizes all five senses. Not only do we taste our food, we also touch it, smell it, devour it with our eyes and listen to it sizzle in the pan. Which is why we carefully select each and every culinary venue on our food vacations – from authentic local restaurants to private farms, kitchens and vineyards. We pride ourselves on the local expertise, knowledge and vast network of connections that bring our food tours to life. While we have been honored with many accolades and recognition from top travel writers and publications, the most important recognition comes from our valued guests, who return to us again and again.

I’m normally don’t travel on group tours, but this one was different. Access Trips’ small group sizes meant that I didn’t get lost in the crowd, and we were able to have unique activities that only would have happened with a group that size!
– Peter
We couldn’t have asked for a better trip. The food tour itself was filled with special places which allowed us to get a more complete sense of the country and its people.  There was lots to see, but there was also plenty of time for us to “do our own thing”, allowing us to go off on our own to investigate and find our way.
– Judi & Edina
Our trip was fantastic. We had 7 opportunities to cook. The chefs were great. Our guide was unbelievably helpful, provided lots of background, sensitive to the needs of each individual on the trip, and was just down right remarkable.
– Mary
Fascinating trip. Colorful and friendly people. Helpful, knowledgeable guides and drivers who did indeed become our friends. Interesting history, culture and food. Excellent and informative excursions. Congenial group. Quite a memorable experience. We feel fortunate to have been able to be part of it.
– Eric & Carolyn
Youssef has to be one of the best guides in the universe! His knowledge, patience, flexibility, and kindness were exceptional! I would recommend the same food travel itinerary in a heart beat. Funniest thing about Morocco is we actually felt safer there than anywhere in the world (Paris, Belgium, etc)
– Barbara
I just want to say that our food tour was by far the best trip we have ever been on. Our guide was wonderful and so was the driver. We felt like we spent a week with family members.  I can’t think of enough superlatives to express our appreciation for being teamed up with these two. Thank you.
– Helen
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