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Hungry for adventure? Now is your chance to embark on a delectable culinary vacation where food takes the focus. Bring your appetite and get ready to explore culture through cuisine in some of the world’s most exciting and exotic destinations.

Picture yourself perusing the fragrant, herb-filled market stalls of Morocco, or whipping up a mouth-watering Thai curry alongside the locals in Bangkok. With Access Trips, you’ll tap into your inner foodie as you cook with, and learn from, passionate expert chefs, even celebrity chefs in some cases. Imagine yourself talking — and tasting — with an oyster farmer, a baker or winemaker. And of course, sitting down to enjoy unforgettable meals in the company of new-found friends who savor food and wine as much as you do. Bon appetit!

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Culinary Vacations With All the Right Ingredients

No matter where you travel with us, you’ll visit local food markets, always colorful, bustling and packed with atmosphere. For the culinary traveler, it’s an instant, hands-on way to access a destination’s culture. Mingle with villagers as you people-watch, sample local delicacies, and even test out your language skills.


With Access Trips, it’s just as much about discovery as it is about destination. Our culinary vacations are designed to connect you with the local foods, from soil to serving and from grape to glass. Travel like an insider to flourishing farms and verdant vineyards. Soak up the passion of the local producers and chefs, and taste for yourself the heart and soul that goes into producing the regional food and wine.


Cooking classes with our highly skilled and passionate chefs add an authentic, person-to-person element to your culinary vacations. Often, these chefs grew up learning to cook at their grandmother’s knee, and they are happy to share their culinary expertise and traditions that have been handed down through generations. Not only will they teach you to cook spectacular meals, but they’ll also share their secrets and stories about what foods were used for special family holidays and what herbs had medicinal value. They are dedicated to giving you a top quality, authentic cooking experience filled with laughter, friendship and memories to last a lifetime.


Eating utilizes all five senses. Not only do we taste our food, we also touch it, smell it, devour it with our eyes and listen to it sizzle in the pan. Which is why we carefully select each and every food venue on your vacation – from authentic local restaurants to private farms, kitchens and vineyards. We pride ourselves on the local expertise, knowledge and vast network of connections that bring our culinary vacations to life. While we have been honored with many accolades and recognition from top travel writers and publications, the most important recognition comes from our valued guests, who return to us again and again.

We normally don’t take tours, and travel on our own, but it did not feel like a tour. It felt like travelling with family. We loved it all, but especially the salsa dancing, the mojito lesson, the walking tours, the party at our guide’s home, and the visit to the organic farm.
– Paul and Shirley
Cuba was everything promised and more!! It was like being invited to spend an afternoon of culture, tapas, and fun with guides Pototo and Azaris, but it lasted 8 days. They brought the itinerary to life that was safe, comfortable and so much fun!! Bravo to the employees of Access Trips!!!
– Claudia
Morocco really was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever done. Great food, great people, top location. Had the time of my life! Karim is a great guy – he’s lots of fun and really did everything to make sure we were 100% happy from the moment we arrived to the moment we (sadly) had to say goodbye.
– Dan
The trip was everything I needed. I took this trip to get away and experience a new culture. All my expectations were exceeded. An absolutely wonderful experience. I was so sorry to leave because I really felt like I was leaving a bunch of good friends. I want to go back!
– Constance
What a trip! I loved the insider-access, especially the visit to our guide’s home! I also loved, loved the farm and lunch in the Viñales Valley. And, our guide was great – professional, informative and had a good sense of humor.
– Jen
Our guide Azaris was incredible! She went above and beyond to make our trip special and memorable. I truly appreciate what she did for us. And I LOVED the food! Every meal was amazing. Nothing could really improve the trip, it was awesome!
– Erica