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Gift Ideas to Remember Cuba

Chances are if you are even considering a trip to Cuba, you've done a little research into local customs, culture, and of course, the food. As with any vacation, exotic Cuba brings with it many wonders which will remain in your travel memory for years to come. But if you’re hoping to bring home a little reminder of your time there …

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Japanese Bath Etiquette

Japan, a culture wrapped in history, ancient customs and respect. Our Japan tour is not only a cuisine adventure, it is a cultural immersion. From temple visits to Soba lessons, lively market tours, a traditional Japanese bath experience and overnights in ryokan, Japan will open your senses. One of our more adventurous highlights is a visit to a traditional onsen. Partaking in a …

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This Homegrown Rum Is Cuba’s Little Secret

Not so long ago, it was illegal for Americans to possess Cuban cigars and rum. Not so today. The relationship between Cuba and the United States is ever-changing. As more and more travelers make their way to this enigmatic country, there are more and more items which Americans are allowed to bring home with them. Easing of borders and …

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Welcome to the Tobacco Capital of Cuba

Several hours from the bustling streets of Havana lies the serene, fertile Viñales Valley. These plains, nestled between impossibly steep stone cliffs, are the ideal location for growing tobacco. In this case, it's the tobacco that has captured the world's attention as the premier cigar plant. Farmers in the Viñales Valley still rely …

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How to Tip in Cuba

Taking good care of the people and places we visit as tourists should be part of our itinerary wherever we travel. While everyone enjoys an affordable holiday, it's important to also look out for the local community’s well-being. During trips to Cuba, which is a communist country, do people tip? And how do you do it? …

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