Japan culinary tour

Japan Culinary Tour Highlight: Sampuru “Fake Food”

Japan Culinary Tour If you haven’t discovered the Access Trips Japan culinary tour yet, it’s time. Our Japan culinary tour gives you an insiders view of the cultures we visit. As with all Access Trips tours, it’s through the lens of the cuisines that shape daily life. We recently showcased our stop at the Sampuru factory on the Access Trips [ ]

South african culinary tour

South African Culinary Tour – Wine!

South African Culinary Tour It is with absolute delight that we at Access Trips announce the launch of our newest exotic culinary destination! A South African culinary tour is just what the doctor ordered for the cuisine savvy adventure seekers that so love all that Access Trips has to offer. Our newest tour is sure [ ]

Japanese Bath Etiquette on the Japan Culinary Tour

A Must-Know: Japanese Bath Etiquette Japan, a culture wrapped in history, ancient customs and respect. Our Japan culinary tour is not only a cuisine adventure, it is a cultural immersion. From temple visits to Soba lessons, lively market tours, a traditional Japanese bath experience and overnights in Ryokan, Japan will open your senses. One of [ ]

Alaskan Culinary Tour: Treats From The Wild

From Tree to Table We’ve all seen images of maple harvest in the Northeast. Soldierlike maple trees, standing bare among the snowy hills of Vermont, with metal taps protruding at waist height. Thick late winter sap is collected in buckets and then boiled and simmered into edible, delectable maple syrup. But did you know that [ ]

Overcoming Jet Lag During International Travel

Overcoming Jet Lag Jet lag: A temporary sleep disorder brought on my travel across time zones. Regardless of how well we prepare our bodies for travel, a disruption in our circadian rhythms is, for lack of a more appropriate description, the pits. Sleeplessness, exhaustion, inability to focus your attention, and even gastrointestinal problems are all [ ]


Alaskan Culinary Tour Reading List

Alaskan Culinary Tour Reading List Perhaps one of the best ways to get ready for an upcoming trip is to surround yourself with information about the location you plan to travel to. Our Alaskan culinary tour is no exception to that rule. Coming into the Country John McPhee Cultural Portrait | 1991 | PAPER | 438 pages | Favorite A [ ]

Why Your Travel To Cuba Matters Now

Travel To Cuba Now It doesn’t seem all that long ago that travel to Cuba was near impossible for the average American tourist. In 2014 President Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro took historic steps to lessen the gap between the Cuban people and Americans however, and in the last two years travel to Cuba [ ]

Fascinating Harajuku Culture

Harajuku Culture on the Access Trips Japan Culinary Tour How do we put into words the fascinating world of Harajuku? A Lifestyle? Cultural phenomenon? Fashion era?  In Japan, it is all of those things and more. Uniquely Japanese, and cultivated in Tokyo, Harajuku fashion is a combination of childlike fantasy, anime, and expressive other-worldly wear [ ]

Weekend in Havana – You Should Book Now!

Weekend in Havana; Too good to pass up! Topping the list of off the beaten path travel, a weekend in Havana still reigns supreme. Never has a destination been so sought after. But, recent policy issues have left many travelers with legitimate concerns over how, if or when they can go to Cuba. Never fear, [ ]

Vacation Packing 101

Vacation Packing Success Even the best-laid plans can sometimes miss the mark. When traveling, calculating ever last detail isn’t always the best way to authentically experience what a destination has to offer. But, everyone agrees that covering the most basic elements of comfort is necessary before taking off on your adventure. Vacation packing may seem [ ]

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