Havana Weekend Getaway Is Legal & Fun

Learn more about our Havana Weekend Tour and explore Cuban culture through cuisine.

Havana Weekend Getaway: too good to pass up!

Topping the list of off the beaten path travel, a Havana weekend getaway still reigns supreme. Never has a destination been so sought after. But, recent policy issues have left many travelers with legitimate concerns over how, if or when they can go to Cuba. Never fear, we have your answers. In fact, we are your answer!

Cuba Travel Experts

At Access Culinary Trips, we are continuing to curate exquisite trips to this Carribean nation, and in the wake of recent changes to U.S. policy regarding travel, are honing our expertise on legal travel to this wonderful gem of a destination. As always, our tours use the culinary traditions of any location as the lens through which we explore. While politics may change, the heart, culture, and food of a country do not shift so easily. Gratefully, our guides and tours are therefore unchanged by this most recent turn of government events. Instead, we’ve solidified ourselves as the most authentic way to tour Cuba. Just this week Fodors, the preeminent expert on travel worldwide once again claimed Access Culinary Trips as your go-to guides in Cuba.

Cuban food on your weekend getaway in Havana

Cuban cuisine sits at the crossroads of African, Latin American, Spanish and indigenous influences. Cuba’s food story is a melting pot of those vibrant cultures that once came through its ports. Rice, beans, peppers, fresh greens, fish, chicken, pork, and tropical fruit come together in stews, on the grill, and on your plate. Havana’s creative chefs are inspired to experiment with what’s available locally – organic produce direct from local farms, and seafood straight from the fisherman’s net. On your Havana weekend getaway with Access Culinary Trips you’ll meet with talented chefs and mixologists. Learn their secrets to making authentic Cuban cuisine and cocktails while soaking in the sultry Cuban vibes.

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Our tours were near sold out before the recent changes to travel policy. Now we are truly one of only a few legal and authentic experiences to be had by Americans traveling to Cuba. To save your space on a small group Havana weekend getaway, call or email our offices today.