CEO Tamar Lowell Talks Cuban Travel Changes

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Cuban travel changes in the News

It’s no surprise to find Access Culinary Trips’ own head travel guru in The New York Times this last week. Lowell and other travel experts are discussing the recent Cuban travel changes for Americans. Regardless of your politics, travelers want to know how and what will affect their Cuban travel aspirations now that the current administration has rolled back Obama-era rules. The bottom line: Access Culinary Trips continues to provide a unique small-group Cuba tour that puts our traveling guests, and our host country, as the top priority.

What are the Cuban travel changes?

What was old is new again. Simply said, the Trump administration has put in motion a stay on individuals looking to travel to Cuba on their own. While there has certainly been an uptick in independent travelers over the last year or two, there have also always been restrictions in place, requiring authentic people-to-people experiences and education as part of every traveler’s trip.

In addition, the new restrictions mean travelers cannot stay in Cuban government or military-owned accommodations. In Cuba, this mostly means major hotels. While we would prefer not to see additional restrictions back in place, our tours at Access Trips only use private housing, so this won’t cause a disruption for us. In fact, with the boom in tourism since 2015, hotels are often at capacity and overpriced. Perhaps this will help ease that problem, though probably not favorably for their managing organizations.

The Good News

The only constant in Cuba is change. You’ve heard us say that many times before and this is another one of those moments in Cuba’s recent history where change is front and center. The good news? It’s business as usual for Access Culinary Trips’ pioneering tours in Cuba. Our local guides are like family to us and will be to you as well by trip’s end – nothing is changing about that! They continue to provide our guests with the same high quality, authentic, and incredible experiences. The Cuba travel changes have little to no effect on our itineraries and we look forward to sharing our love of Cuba with as many guests as we can. In a nutshell, Access Culinary Trips is still your best option for truly amazing Cuba travel.

The Bottom Line

Booking now is your best bet, as tours are likely to fill even faster than before. If you are looking for a way to avoid the cattle call approach to group tours, then Access Culinary Trips small group tours, never more than ten travelers, are your answer.