Alaska Reading List Gets You Ready for Travel

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Alaska Reading List

Perhaps one of the best ways to get ready for an upcoming trip is to surround yourself with information about the location you plan to travel to. Our Alaska reading list is no exception to that rule.

Coming into the Country

John McPhee
Cultural Portrait | 1991 | PAPER | 438 pages | Favorite

A superb introduction to the state, McPhee’s lyrical portrait blends history, issues and interesting facts with sketches of frontier life and unforgettable Alaskan characters. (ALA04, $18.00)

Insight Guide Alaska

Guidebook | 2016 | PAPER | 384 pages

With hundreds of photos and maps, this guide features concise essays by well-regarded authors on nature, history, peoples and culture. (ALA42, $24.99)

The Tutka Bay Lodge Cookbook: Coastal Cuisine from the Wilds of Alaska

Kirsten Dixon
Food | 2015 | PAPER | 224 pages

In personal stories, evocative photographs and purposefully simple recipes, Kirsten Dixon represents the cuisine at Tutka Bay Lodge, nestled at the entrance to Tutka Bay, a deep, seven-mile fjord in Kachemak Bay, Alaska.(ALA416, $22.99)

Alaska Explorer Map

Reference | 2002 | MAP | 1 page

An informative, well-illustrated map of Alaska and Russia’s Chukotka Peninsula at a scale of 1:3,800,000, geared to cruise and expedition travelers in the region. (ALA153, $11.95)

Braving It: A Father, a Daughter, and an Unforgettable Journey into the Alaskan Wild

James Campbell
Travel Narrative | 2017 | PAPER | 384 pages

Campbell and his 15-year-old daughter visit the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in this tender tribute to Alaskan wilderness and the relationship between a father and his daughter. (ALA396, $16.00)


James Michener
Literature | 2002 | PAPER | 1073 pages

Michener tackles the 49th state in this rousing epic tale of men and wildlife on the frontier. (ALA56, $18.00)