Culinary Experiences are a Key Part of Travel

Culinary experiences during travel

Learn about our award-winning culinary tours and explore culture through cuisine.

Culinary Experiences

According to a recent AAA study, culinary travel will be the top travel highlight sought out by 43% of travelers this year. This was highlighted via a recent AAA survey, stating 22-million travelers want a “culinary-focused vacation” within the next year. Culinary travelers see food and drink as much more than just a meal. It is an integral part of their overall travel experience and it actually drives their decision to travel. Over 80% of travelers believe that food and drink help to better understand a local culture. Furthermore, over 90% of travelers said they have participated in culinary experiences other than dining while traveling.

At Access Culinary Trips, our entire focus is helping guests discover culture through cuisine. We tailor unique tours to eight exotic destinations and curate culinary experiences that help travelers connect with destinations, not just tour them.

Trusted Culinary Travel Advisors

Bryan Shilling, AAA Managing Director of Travel Products and Services, said in a statement. “When planning a culinary vacation, seek the advice of a trusted travel advisor, who can help find culinary experiences that match the individual traveler’s dining preferences.” We couldn’t agree more. Navigating foreign landscapes and looking for culinary experiences can be daunting, and frankly disastrous. Why trap yourself into inauthentic culinary experiences or potentially dangerous ones when you can have experts create your perfect exploration for you? In Cuba, for instance, we meet locals on their terms, rather than the filtered government-led excursions open to the public. And in all our destinations we have created relationships with the best of the best, from farmers to restaurateurs.

If you are looking for a new way to the see the world this year, consider travel that includes culinary experiences and contact Access Culinary Trips today for a reservation.