Experiential Travel For A Satisfying Summer

Experiential travel includes cooking classes

Learn about our award-winning culinary tours and explore culture through cuisine.

With experiential travel topping the bucket lists of savvy explorers, this summer is set to be full of adventurous vacations. Culinary travel is high on the lists of many of those travelers, and Access Culinary Trips has several delicious experiential travel options for your summer break.

 Why Experiential Travel?

Immersing yourself through a specific cultural lens, one point of focus, can allow you to see, feel, hear and taste a place in the world on a much deeper level. Our culinary tours allow our guests to explore cultural food identity in ways not achievable when simply eating your way through a destination. Instead, we look at where food is grown, how locals have made regional dishes for centuries, and what is important in the gourmet evolution of each place.

Are you ready to explore culture through cuisine? Join us this summer and make your vacation one you’ll always remember. Whether you’d like to explore the fusion cuisines and ancient cultures of Peru, the exquisite and refined tastes of Japan, or the exotic spices and bright citrus of Cuba, our experiential travel philosophy will ensure an immersive vacation.

Summer Culinary Adventures To Book Now

PERU, June 5

Explore the fusion cuisine of Peru, where West African, Spanish, Andean, Japanese, and Chinese flavors combine in surprising favorites. Peruvian ingredients are sourced from the high Andes to the Amazon rainforest, making this cuisine eclectic, earthy and completely unique.

JAPAN, May 19

Fresh seasonal ingredients, ancient cultures, and refined culinary practices make Japan a cuisine-based tour like none other. Join us on this new Access Trips tour.

CUBA, August 13

Our legal people-to-people tour of Cuba is the ultimate escape from massive groups and confusing regulations. Explore Havana, Vinales, and Trinidad through the lens of Cuba’s cuisines.