Packing List Essentials for International Travel

Packing list essentials

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Packing List For Your Culinary Adventure

Booking your culinary tour is a major step, now it’s time to get packing. Follow along in our blog today as we discuss what must-haves should be on your packing list when you travel with Access Culinary Trips.

How Much Do You Want To Carry?

Before we even begin packing, let’s think about what you’re willing to lug along with you for your adventure. It’s tempting to cover every possible travel scenario with a clothing option, but overloading yourself could detract from your overall enjoyment. When traveling to exotic locations, packing light is especially important as transportation and space are not always at western standard.

On the other hand, some destinations have fewer options for emergency purchases, so some basic standbys should be on your packing list to make sure you are comfortable. When finding the right balance here are some packing essentials to consider.

Clothing Essentials

A light sweater or windbreaker – Most of our destinations are warm, and we’ll let you know if you need more.

Shorts, skirts, and light khakis – Four pairs, flexible synthetic fabric recommended for re-use and easy drying.

Cotton shirts – Look for nice patterns that might disguise your day’s adventures, should any stains or sweat occur.

Extra underwear – Here is where we think you shouldn’t skimp. In locations like Cuba it may be hard to purchase extras.

Socks – In warm locations, we recommend good athletic socks that work for looks and durability. In Japan, it is necessary to pack some nice socks that you don’t mind showing off when removing your shoes.

One nice outfit – Even better if your dressy outfit can double as a casual daytime wearable too. For women, breezy black dresses can be dressed up with jewelry or scarves or dressed down with sandals for a market day. Men may want a pair of slacks and a tie at the ready. Blazers that can double for daytime use are a good choice as well.

Important “Other” Must-haves

In addition to clothing essentials, a well-stocked toiletry bag should be brought with you for culinary travel. Especially in Cuba, basics from home are not easily found, so you should take responsibility for what you require day-to-day.

Contact solution

Medications – do not leave home without them and tell your guides if you have special medical issues.

Feminine products

Body wash, shampoo, and conditioner

A few band-aids for unexpected blisters or scrapes

And Last But Not Least

Extra room – When you travel it’s always fun to bring home some memories in your bag. Leave a little breathing room for purchases and you’ll travel to and from your destination with ease.