Indigenous Art At The Museo Larco

Art at Museo Larco

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Explore Indigenous Peruvian Art at Museo Larco

As the World Travel Awards’ top pick for culinary travel, Peru has brought indigenous culture and fusion cuisine to the forefront. Spanish, West African, Chinese, Japanese and culturally Peruvian cuisines and ingredients have become interwoven by chefs who have taken the culinary world by storm. Our Peru tour gives guests an inside look at Peruvian food culture, and also at Peruvian life as a whole, during our 9-day tour. While we specialize in exploring culture through cuisine, we often take breaks from our culinary excursions to delve into our surroundings. On day three of our Peru culinary tour, guests will explore the Museo Larco.

Housing a vast collection of pre-Columbian art, indigenous pottery and much to the surprise of many, indigenous erotic sculpture, the “Larco Museum” or Museo Larco is a privately owned institution in the Pueblo Libre district of Lima. It’s structure is an 18th-century building which was erected over a 7th-century pre-Columbian pyramid, making this stop historical on several levels – literally.

Examples of untouched indigenous cultures from all across Peru are kept here, including ceramics, erotic sculpture, and gold and silver jewelry, and headpieces which are synonymous with ancient Peruvian culture. In addition to the impressive private collection held within the museum, the cafe and grounds are a breathtaking break from your day. Well-tended gardens beckon guests who need a moment to sit down with a Peruvian coffee to reset their adventurous spirits.

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