Vietnam Travel – A Sensory Experience, Delicious in Every Way

Vietnamese Spring Roll

Vietnam Travel

A lush cultural landscape has emerged as a destination of sumptuous culinary authority in Southeast Asia: Vietnam.

Vietnam travel is a must for the culinary adventurer and culture buff alike. At Access Trips, our take on Vietnam travel is a 9-day exploration of the foods which define this land and help define the story of historical conflict, imperial rule, and modern growth.

As Vietnam continues to undergo change, retaining deeply rooted cultural traditions while moving into a modern future, its delicious cuisines continue to inspire travel to this fascinating nation. The alluring scents of lemongrass, cinnamon, ginger, mint, herbs, and pungent fish sauce interweave themselves into the everyday culture of this amazing country. We’ll explore food culture from Saigon to Hanoi with stops in Hoi An and Huế, the former imperial capital and a hot pot for historical cuisine innovation and classic presentations.

Vietnamese cuisine is heralded for its use of fresh ingredients and reliance on herbs and spices to flavor a dish rather than fats and dairy. Common flavors are found throughout the country, like fish sauce, basil, and lemongrass, but variations by region mark the story of Vietnamese political and cultural transition.

In Huế, for example, imperial cuisine was developed to impress the capital’s hunger for innovative, exotic, and beautiful foods. Top chefs from around Vietnam were solicited to create a dizzying array of courses for emperor Tu Duc (1829-1883), which were only one sign of the decadence of this era. Though Huế would be ravaged by war in the 1960’s, and the scene of much unrest during two Indochine conflicts, its cuisines have persisted as an indelible part of its identity. Our tour includes time exploring the cultural and cuisine-based history of this city.

Vietnamese Favorites

There are just too many delectable dishes to list in one blog post, but here are a few to tempt your palette, and inspire your own Vietnamese adventure with Access Trips.

Bun Bo Huế – A Classic Huế dish, this spicy beef noodle soup is admired for its classic balance of spice, salt, sour and sweet flavors.

Crispy Spring Rolls – Always a delight for the palette, Vietnam’s crispy spring rolls stuffed with shrimp, pork, fresh vegetables and aromatic spices are the ultimate snack or starter for any foodie.

Banh Xeo – Widely regarded as a derivative of the French crepes brought to Vietnam during the occupation of Indochina, these savory fried pancakes flavored with turmeric are stuffed with fresh pork, shrimp, diced scallions and bean sprouts.

Bo La Lot – A perfectly balanced combination of minced beef, lemongrass, onions, coriander, garlic and fish sauce wrapped in betel leaf, this specialty is always a crowd pleaser – highlighting fresh ingredients and the innovative nature of Vietnamese cuisine.

Our tour is the ultimate immersion into this fascinating cultural landscape. To Join us for a Vietnam food tour, click HERE.