Emerging Travel Destinations 2017

Travel Destinations 2017

“Among the top 10 off-the-beaten path or emerging destinations for 2017 named by tour operators are: Cuba, which ranked first for the second year in a row, Iceland ranked second, followed by Croatia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, Iran, Africa (South Africa and Morocco), Cambodia and India” Notes Leisure Group Travel.

Travel to Cuba has increased at a rate no one could have predicted. While some in the travel industry have begun to lure guests with bulk-package tours, those who really want to experience authentic Cuban culture are seeking out operators like Access Trips, who take guests inside Cuban homes, and offer exclusive experiences on our people-to-people tours. With Access Trips you can expect to eat a field-to-table meal on an organic Cuban farm, learn about harvesting Cuban honey, learn to salsa on a local’s terrace, and watch cooks in the kitchen of a famous paladar. For these reasons and more, guests continue to book our tours.

It’s is no surprise that Cuba continues to dominate the travel destination must-have list in 2017. There just simply isn’t a hotter place to see, hear, touch and in our case, taste. Our Cuba tour is sold out through the spring, and we are booking for the winter holidays as well. If you are planning to go to Cuba later this year, now is the time to book. If you’d like to plan a private tour, contact us today and we’ll help get you to Cuba as soon as possible.

Cuba Tops USTOA ‘Hot List’ for 2017

In addition, this list of emerging travel destinations notes Morocco – a favorite culinary destination for Access Trips. Travel to this land of spices, where guests explore a souk (a local market) with a donkey to carry our purchase of the day’s groceries back to our hotel for a personal Moroccan cooking class, among other excursions. Explore an argon oil co-op, visit religious sites, and let the northern African sun settle over you, body and soul. Our Morrocan culinary tour is a delectable adventure that should be on your short-list for travel.