New York Times “52 Places to GO in 2017” including Morocco!

Tajine recipe from our Morocco travel.

If only to gaze at the open water in the first graphic on this article, check out the New York Times 52 Places to GO in 2017. But after staring wistfully into the cold Pacific ocean, or imagining you’re on the Disneyland ride “Soaring,” slide the page down to number 11 on the New York Times list of 52 travel destinations for the New Year. Marrakech, Morocco takes the stage with a fun and interactive panorama. Assuming you have the wherewithal to make 52 trips in just as many weeks, Access Trips would be thrilled to assist you with a few of these remarkable destinations suggested for 2017 (and could you bring our team along on your epic adventure please?)

#11. Access Trips Morocco Cooking Tour

Our Moroccan culinary tours are ideal for anyone who wants to combine their passion for food with their passion for travel. Moroccan cooking is a delectable combination of culinary influences from the Arabs, Berbers, French and Spanish. Alongside our expert chefs, you’ll learn Moroccan cooking techniques and recipes for traditional Moroccan foods such as tagines, couscous, and pastilla. Outside the kitchen, you will explore Moroccan culture through its cuisine as you discover fresh food and spice markets and dine at unique local restaurants.

A cultural hub, Morocco is gaining popularity once again for its cuisine and art world, “A new museum dedicated to the work of the fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent will debut this fall in Marrakesh, showcasing thousands of sketches, couture garments, and accessories. The 43,000-square-foot structure sits adjacent to the Jardin Majorelle, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary as a public garden in 2017 (Saint Laurent saved it from demolition). The much-visited attraction also houses a museum dedicated to Berber culture and the designer’s private residence, Villa Oasis.” 

Morocco was one of our first culinary tours offered and is seeing a grand resurgence as foodies around the globe embrace cooking traditions and exotic foods. Will you join there soon?

#30. Chiang Mai, Thailand

“An avalanche of art in Thailand’s second city.” – The New York Times

Thailand is so incredibly near and dear to our hearts for its art, culture, remarkable history, and food. The Thai cuisine we all know and love here in the States only tells part of the story. To learn to make traditional Thai recipes from Thai chefs is an unbeatable experience. Often gathered around the family hearth, Thai cooking is passed from parent to child and in our case, to the willing culinary students on our tours. The northern city of Chiang Mai is an important religious and historical stop on our tour. It is the principal religious center in northern Thailand and the focal point of temples and monasteries.

Where to next?

Where else are we eyeing in 2017? Number 15 on this list, Japan. A culinary brilliance awaits visitors to this iconic place along the Pacific. Fresh fish, rice, mochi, sacred tea ceremonies, traditional cooking techniques and a culture which abounds with magic and hospitality, Japan is definitely on our radar and hopefully on yours too.