Holiday Travel 2017 Already Booking

Holiday Travel Destinations 2017

This New Year has certainly taken off with a bang! If 2016 is any indication of travel trends, then we will most certainly claim culinary and luxury travel as musts in 2017. At Access Trips, our guests are raving about our culinary tours as the way to explore culture through cuisine, and if holiday travel is on your wish list for later this year, the time to book is now.

First up: Cuba

Cuba, for obvious reasons, is selling out. There has never been a hotter time to go there than this last year and Access Trips has very few spots left this spring and early summer of 2017 for our delectable culinary tours. If you are hoping to go to Cuba for the winter holidays, you will need to book now. Best bet for a holiday tour Cuba?

CUBA November 19-26, 2017

Morocco – the place to watch!

Morocco is also already booking for the holidays and is expected to sell out. It is with joy that we send small-group tours to this exotic culinary wonderland. Tagines, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, desert skylines, luxury accommodations, and world-renowned hospitality are just some of the delicious reasons to visit Morocco. Our guests will stay in multiple styles of accommodations throughout our tour, but one not to be missed stay is the Riad, a classic Moroccan style hotel enclosed around a private courtyard, with an austere exterior and luxurious interior. “Riads have no windows facing the street — all face the courtyard. Entryways are often plain doors on a blank wall in a tiny alley in the medina. These unremarkable exteriors offer absolutely no clue to the wonders within” Private Palaces For Travelers on, “The interior often features lavish ornamentation — glazed ceramic tiles (zellij) in colorful geometric patterns on walls and floors, carved pierced white stucco work, painted wooden ceilings (zouakt) and shiny polished plaster walls (tadelakt).” Courtyards, fountains, delicious cuisines, and quiet sanctuary within bustling cities, the riad is a special kind of escape.

Morocco sits at the crossroads of civilization. It’s cuisines blend French, Arabic, African and Spanish cooking traditions, in a swirl of spices unrivaled. Give yourself the gift of culture and cuisine for your holidays in 2017, an escape from the chilly winters of the U.S., and adventure into Morocco – lands of savory spices and souks.

MOROCCO  December 28-January 5, 2017/2018