Vietnam Tour Day 7: Water Puppets

Our Vietnam tour is full to the brim with culinary adventures. In fact, the many delights of Vietnam are some of our favorite foods in the world. While we wouldn’t give up a single cooking class, market stop, or Vespa street food tour, we also love the many non-food oriented excursions on our trip. Culture, history, and religion are all important parts of any tour, and in Vietnam, one of our favorite unique experiences is a private water puppetry show on Day 7 of the tour.

Water puppetry is believed to have originated in the rice fields of the Mekong River Delta during flood season, several centuries ago. When the fields would be overtaken by seasonal flooding, farmers and their families would entertain themselves with delicate puppet performances over the shallow waters. One can imagine the emotional relief to be found in celebrating and making art as a family and a community when the weather won’t allow you to do much-needed farm work.

Water puppets are traditionally suspended from sturdy bamboo rigging over shallow water, ponds, and these days, carefully crafted stages. Puppeteers are hidden behind a screen above the water where they help create magic as the puppets dance, skip and splash – recreating life along Vietnam’s many waterways.¬†Today, the art of water puppetry is a time-honored custom in several areas of Vietnam, but particularly in the Mekong River Delta. Our stop in Hanoi and private water puppet performance are a delightful way to end our Vietnam food tour.

Join us on a Vietnam Tour for an experience that will take you deep into the culture as you cook (and eat) your way from Saigon to Hanoi, with stops along the way to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hoi An and the former imperial capital of Hue. Enjoy unparalleled local access on our Vietnam food tour, such as private dinners in a colonial mansion and a royal garden house, Vietnamese cooking classes and market tours with renowned chefs, a street food tour as you ride on the back of a vintage Vespa, and of course, a water puppetry show!