Access Trips Culinary Tour in the Chicago Tribune

Award winning travel writer Terri Colbi tours Cuba with Access Trips

It is a great honor to share with blog readers this week some big news for Access Trips. Award winning travel writer Terri Colbi, who joined us recently on an Access Trips culinary tour to Cuba, has elegantly described this much sought-after destination in a feature for the Chicago Tribune. We hope you’ll enjoy her storytelling as much as we do.

Despite its rich history, there is something so new about Cuba for visitors these days. That new feeling is like discovering your favorite childhood book has come back into print. There’s a delight in opening its pages once again and seeing it through a new lens. From early discovery and colonization by the Spanish to sugar empire to communist outpost, and now top travel destination, this central Caribbean island has reincarnated itself more than once over the centuries.

Cuba is opening up again after decades on the blacklist for American travelers. Everything about his country is exposing itself to visitors at an alarming rate, and yet there is just so much more to learn, including but not limited to, the culinary revolution underway. Colbi does an excellent job of putting into words the emotions that are expressed in Cuban culture and cuisine right now. She captures this “new” feeling and leaves even us yearning for more!

Experiencing an Access Trips Culinary Tour

“On the first day, our taste buds were just beginning to get used to the idea that the capital city’s vibrant melange of sensations would also extend to the country’s food and drink. Cuisine in Cuba, as in most places, is shaped by its history and geography” writes Colbi.

What writer Terri Colbi captured about our signature culinary trip to Cuba, including Havana, Vinales Valley, and Trinidad, was that the pace of life dictated the food story as much as the food itself. That’s the story with Cuba as a whole; life isn’t about a set of rules or a destination, it’s a sometimes slow evolution that coincides with the tides, the weather and the mood of its people. Cuba is full of surprises and consistently changing – and that’s appetizing all on its own for the hungry traveler. Cuba is an adventure!

On finishing just over a week with us in Cuba Colbi writes, “With the snapper roasting on a grill on the second-floor balcony of our casa particular, drinking cold beer and chatting about our day, the traveling companions who had met a week earlier at the Havana airport seemed like old friends. The vibrant, surprising cuisine of Cuba had brought us together.” (Terri Colbi, the Chicago Tribune – February 29, 2016).

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*Terri Colbi has been a travel writer and editor for over 30 years, for the Associated Press and most recently for the Chicago Tribune.  We are grateful she chose Access Trips as her guide to Cuba.