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Casa Particular in Cuba

We have scoured Havana to find the nicest casas particulares, or privately owned guest houses for our tours. While many casas rent simple rooms within the family home, the lodgings we use on this tour more closely resemble deluxe vacation rentals or even small boutique hotels. Some of the luxury Havana casas particulares we reserve are old colonial homes and others are mid-century villas with swimming pools. There are only a handful of rooms in each casa particular in Cuba, so the accommodations will vary based on trip dates and group size, but will always be the finest available.

In Trinidad there are fewer choices for accommodations and the casas are more basic than in Havana. That said, we have found charming casas particulares in old colonial homes that are only a few blocks from the main square and all the action. Unlike the accommodations we use in Havana, these casas resemble more of a traditional B&B or guesthouse, and is an unique opportunity to interact with the family, and experience a glimpse what it is like to truly “live in Cuba.” Most guests find this to be a very compelling experience and much worth the possibility of minor inconveniences.

All of the bedrooms in Havana & Trinidad have en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and are very clean and comfortable.

In the last 18 years, there has been a surge in the popularity of the casa particular in Cuba. We use these for our tours, rather than hotels, because they are an ideal way to be immersed in the culture and engage meaningfully with the local community. Due to the generosity and hospitality inherent in Cuban culture, the casas often have higher service levels than hotels. Also, the government controls Cuba hotel inventory, and hotel rooms of international standard are extremely limited. We feel that we can better manage the quality of your accommodations and the authenticity of your cultural experience by seeking the most upscale casa particular options in Cuba.

As with all travel in Cuba, your flexibility is appreciated. Despite our best planning, things might not work as expected in your Cuban casa particular, as it might not in a Cuban hotel. Power outages can occur, water pressure might not always be ideal, hot water might not be available sometimes, and if something breaks, your landlord simply may not be able to replace it in a timely manner due to shortages of most household items. We believe that these minor inconveniences are not just a small price to pay for an immersive experience into Cuban culture, but also an opportunity to get an authentic sense of what life is really like in Cuba.

NOTE:  There will not be internet service or international phone service in any of the accommodations. However, we have built a couple of times into the itinerary to go to internet access points and we provide each group with a mobile phone for use in emergencies.