We are not going to define what we mean by senior travel because age is such a relative thing nowadays. But if you’re reading this section it might be because you’re not quite sure if you’re the right age for our trips. Let us put your mind at rest – our tours are for all ages of people. As long as you have a can-do attitude and a reasonable level of fitness and mobility you’ll do fine on our culinary trips. As far as we’re concerned, you’re never too old to follow your passion in life.

Choosing a Tour That’s Right For You

All of our trips are open to ‘older’ clients but you should read the ‘Is It For Me?’ section for each of our trips in order to determine if a particular trip is suitable for you. The main considerations for senior travel are your mobility and fitness. All of our culinary tours include some walking tours, as we feel that walking is a wonderful way to gain insider access to the culture and connect with locals. Most of our tours are in exotic and developing destinations, and some of our walking may be on cobblestone streets or poorly paved sidewalks. Some of our tours include optional hikes as well, and you can decide if you would like to participate.

Preparing For Your Tour

Due to the nature of our destinations, the standard of medical care may not be at the same level that you have at home. Because of this we’ve put precautions in place to help keep you safe. We ask that you inform us of any pre-existing medical conditions, and provide a doctor’s note that you are cleared for travel. We also require that each traveler provide us with a copy of their international medical and emergency evacuation insurance, which will allow us to help you in case of emergency.

If you feel you need more flexibility, we are happy to discuss a private trip. In most cases we can operate a private trip with a minimum of two guests.

More Information on Senior Travel

If you’d like more advice on which of our tours would be best for you, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-567-9400 or email at any time for more information on senior travel or anything else. We are happy to answer your questions!