Our culinary tours to exotic destinations are unique and unforgettable, a perfect fit for a couple looking for a foodie honeymoon. If you are looking for a honeymoon that will allow you to explore an exotic culture through its delectable cuisine, our foodie tours are made for you. With our dedicated chefs, knowledgeable local guides and thoughtfully curated experiences, your romantic culinary honeymoon will allow you to create memories to last a lifetime. We have been honored to host quite a few honeymooners on our culinary tours!

What Will My Foodie Honeymoon Be Like?

Celebrate your romance with a foodie honeymoon in ItalyPeru, Cuba, Thailand, Morocco, Vietnam, South Africa, Costa Rica, Japan Alaska, or Croatia. You’ll eat exquisite local cuisine, cook with top chefs, explore lively markets, and enjoy the destination like insiders.

No matter which destination you choose, in the evenings you will relax in carefully chosen, stylish, and comfortable boutique accommodations. You can choose to join our regularly scheduled small group tours, which never exceed 10-12 guests, or you might prefer a private tour for you and your partner.

Please call 1-800-567-9400 or email for more information about our culinary honeymoon packages.