Welcome to Access Culinary Trips, the specialists in food vacations to exotic destinations. Our philosophy is that cuisine is the gateway to culture, and food is what connects us to the people, the traditions, and the history of the places we visit. We’re a team of foodies and travel buffs who are happiest when we’re researching and re-imagining ways to unlock the secrets of a destination through its cuisine.

Wherever you travel with us, our goal is to give you unparalleled insider access to authentic culinary and cultural experiences that you simply cannot find on your own. We want to help you create lifetime memories as you cook with expert chefs, taste your way through vineyards and farms, and explore vibrant markets for savory local delicacies.

Yet it’s not just what we offer or where we go that makes us unique. It’s how we offer it: with passion and genuine care for our guests who are like family to us. Since 2001, we have hosted tours all over the world, and our seasoned team of travel experts obsesses over every detail to create truly immersive, worry-free, once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences.

A Food Vacation Company with a Conscience

At Access Culinary Trips, giving back has always been central to our culture even before it was the popular thing to do. We pride ourselves on designing each food vacation to be not only enriching and inspirational, but also environmentally, socially and culturally responsible.

One way we give back is by arranging meaningful contact between our guests and the local communities to support the exchange of cultures and traditions – such as joining a Berber family in Morocco for tea, or taking part in a traditional Pachamanca feast with villagers in Peru. In several destinations, we also support a selection of non-profit organizations and community-based efforts such as the Eziko Restaurant and Cooking School in Cape Town, South Africa that provides underprivileged locals with vital cooking skills; and the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand to support the local wildlife and environment.

We are also committed to treading lightly on the beautiful destinations we visit – leaving a small ecological footprint. With no more than 12 guests on our food vacations, we are uniquely positioned to support small, locally-owned businesses and eco-friendly lodging where possible to help promote sustainable tourism.

Who Travels with Access Culinary Trips?

While there is no typical Access Culinary Trips guest, we have found over the years that there is one common thread: our guests are passionate about immersing themselves in new cultures and experiencing local cuisine like an insider. Our cooking vacations bring together like-minded individuals of all ages – whether they’re traveling solo, as couples, friends, or family. We travel in very small groups, which gives us flexibility to enjoy serendipitous experiences and true insider access. You may start a food vacation as strangers, but we’re sure that you’ll end your vacation as life-long friends.

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