Welcome to Access Trips, the specialists in exotic culinary tours. Our philosophy is to use food as a way to explore the culture. That includes really good meals, and cooking classes with expert chefs – even celebrity chefs in some cases. It also means visiting farms, strolling through vibrant local markets, and exploring how locals eat. If you look at a culture’s food from its traditions, to how it’s grown and manufactured, how and where it’s sold, and how it’s prepared, you can learn so much about a culture from an angle that is both unique and completely commonplace at the same time. And don’t forget delicious!

Our food tours are the perfect mix of exploring, cooking and exquisite dining. Our goal is to give our guests unparalleled insider access to authentic culinary and cultural experiences that they just cannot find on their own – experiences that will turn into lifetime memories.

The chefs we work with are among the best in the world. We select them not only for their talent and experience (many are credentialed chefs, others grew up cooking at their mother’s knee) but also for their great personalities and desire to share their passion for cooking.

Our trips are suited for curious travelers who are excited by local cuisine and are passionate about experiencing local cultures as an insider. Our tours attract men and women of all ages and, thanks to the fact that all clients have a common interest, our trips tend to be fantastic social experiences in addition to great culinary trips. We travel in very small groups, usually no bigger than 12 guests, which gives us flexibility to enjoy serendipitous experiences and true insider access.

Established in 2001, we are honored that Access Trips tours have been recognized as “Best Trips of the Year” by National Geographic five times and recommended by Fodor’s. Our trips have been featured in the New York Times, Fodor’s, National Geographic Traveler, Travel +Leisure, and NPR.