Explore culture through cuisine on our exotic culinary tours and cooking vacations. Our knowledgeable local guides, world-class chefs, and thoughtfully curated experiences offer you unparalleled insider access to the local culture.

On Access Trips culinary tours foodies will find mouth-watering cuisine. Travel buffs will savor both cultural highlights and serendipitous experiences. And cooking enthusiasts will learn to prepare authentic, local foods. Ask us what sets our award-winning culinary vacations apart!

Learn more about our philosophy on culinary tourism through CEO Tamar Lowell’s Huffington Post column.




Unique culinary tour itineraries: 

Our culinary tours and cooking vacations offer thoughtfully curated experiences that give you unparalleled access to the local culture. We are committed to sharing the cultural and culinary highlights of a region while also offering you up close and personal experiences you might never find on your own.

Knowledgeable local guides:

Our experienced, local tour guides are passionate and knowledgeable about their countries. They are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your culinary vacation. Our guides ensure that you enjoy the very best food, markets, restaurants and cultural experiences on our small group culinary tours.

Small groups help you “un-tour”:

Many of our guests tell us they are not “group tour” people, which is great because Access Trips is not a traditional group tour company. You will travel with a small group of like-minded travelers that never exceeds 10-12 guests. This micro group size gives us access to locations and experiences that simply cannot accommodate groups of 15-20 guests like you might find on small group tours offered by other culinary tour operators.

Cooking classes with world-class chefs:

We recruit highly skilled chefs to teach our cooking classes. They share with you their cooking techniques and also their own personal food-culture experiences. Our chefs have a passion for leading our cooking classes. They are motivated, patient, and dedicated to helping you get the most out of your culinary tour.