Below are a few quotes from our past guests. If you would like to personally talk to one of them as a reference we would be happy to supply you with their details. Please email us at info@accesstrips.com.

Youssef has to be one of the best guides in the universe! His knowledge, patience, flexibility, and kindness were exceptional! I would recommend the same itinerary in a heart beat. Funniest thing about Morocco is we actually felt safer there than anywhere in the world (Paris, Belgium, etc)

Pototo and Leo were GREAT. You could not ask for better. I unhesitatingly recommend them both for anyone visiting Cuba. They were thoughtful, accommodating and went out of their way to do things for us.

We couldn't have had a better driver or guide. They were amazing start to finish. They were so accommodating and knowledgeable while still being fun to be around. I really enjoyed both of them.

Our guide was a pleasure! The right sense of humor, easy to talk to, and super responsive to any request. We knew exactly what we were doing every day, and even when plans changed we were always kept up to date.

Loved the salsa lesson. One of the many highlights of my trip!

Overall I loved the trip! I would recommend it to anyone who asks!

Our guide did a great job. He was very personal and accommodating.  One of the highlights for me was the salsa dance class. Super fun!

Jen D
What a trip! I loved the insider-access, especially the visit to our guide's home! I also loved, loved the farm and lunch in the Vinales valley. And, our guide was great - professional, informative and had a good sense of humor.

Our guide was the best guide ever! I loved everything about him!

Jennifer K.
Trip of a lifetime!  I loved it!

I just want to say that our tour was by far the best trip we have ever been on. He was wonderful and so was the driver. We felt like we spent a week with family members.  I can’t think of enough superlatives to express our appreciation for being teamed up with these two. Thank you.

Excellent Holiday. Karim and his team were extremely capable and their flexibility was what made the trip stand out from others I have been on. Accomodating, honest, can  do attitude.

The trip leaders were always willing to assist you in any way and very proactive. Karim made it his mission to make sure all were happy.

Simon was an excellent host, guide, and friend. The group as a whole interacted extremely well.  I look forward to doing it again next year.

Can I just tell you that Steve in the office might be the most helpful person on the planet.  Steve is awesome!  Every detail was taken care of, and I never had to worry about a thing.  THANK YOU!  Expertly organized and very accomodating (I had to come in a few days early to accomodate a cheaper flight and everything was made to work perfectly, AWESOME!)

Fabulous villa, wonderful food.  I have the most beautiful pictures of the sunset from the balcony,  which will sit in my office as a reminder of how lucky I was to stay in such a wonderful country!  Perfect setting.  I couldn't be happier.  One of the nicest places I've ever stayed, perfect atmosphere. I've never been so relaxed and slept so well away from home. AMAZING!

I give my trip leaders and their staff a 10+.  Karim was awesome.  Marie was also amazing, as were all of their helpers.  Quick with a joke and extremely knowledgeable, everything was taken care of at all times. AMAZING all around!  I can't praise them enough for being so wonderful. Truly phenomenal.

The trip was everything I needed.  I took this trip to get away and experience a new culture. All my expectations were exceeded.  An absolutely wonderful experience.  I was so sorry to leave because I really felt like I was leaving a bunch of good friends.  I want to go back!

All the info/emails I needed were provided in good time before the trip, and Access were great in helping organise my pick-up in Morocco, even with short notice as to my arrival time.

This really was one of the most amazing trips I've ever done.  Great food, great people, top location. Had the time of my life! Karim is a great guy - he's lots of fun and really did everything to make sure we were 100% happy from the moment I arrived to the moment I (sadly) had to say goodbye.

The accommodation was way beyond my expectations, Margaret was a wonderful host at the villa, beautiful location, great room, stunning views. I don't think I've eaten that well in a long long time!

Karim went out of his way to look after us, to make sure that we got to do everything that we wanted. He always checked that we were ok and having a good time.

It was a blast from start to finish, great company, awesome hosts (Karim! Marie, Margaret), great location. I just got back from the airport and I don't want to go to bed because I won't be waking up to another day in Morocco.

The day trip to Essaouira was great. Marie took me to a local restaurant and the couscous there was most excellent. She is passionate about her country, much appreciated.

Eric & Laura
I was blown away with how good the food was in Costa Rica. Everywhere we went used the freshest local produce, meats and dairy and every meal was cooked to perfection. It was a great variety that we got to try as well. I had no problem eating gluten free and every restaurant was very flexible with changing the orders to match my diet. Natu and Julio would always translate for me so that I would get exactly what I wanted.

Eric & Laura
We always felt like our safety and health was priorty, Natu and Julio acted very professional at all times. They were devoted to making sure we were happy at all times.

Michael & Joe
It's a good way to travel in a foreign country with a lot of the hassle taken out.

Michael & Joe
Karim put in a lot of effort to make the trip a success. He tried to give us a Moroccan experience. I think you would have to try hard to find someone with the local knowledge and expertise that he had. His English was excellent and he made everyone feel at ease with his banter and charm.

Our guide was great! Karim really knows his country. He is first class. Great guy who is lots of fun and very educated.

It's a great way to rise above your average vacation and really have some fun.

Karim, the trip leader, is the best. Unbelievably accomodating, knowledgeable, and just plain fun to be around. He bent over backwards for us all week. He was the highlight of the trip. We jokingly called Karim "The Mayor" because he knows everyone in the city and can make anything happen at a moments notice.

Jonathan & Tracy
The food was unbelievably good. This trip introduced us to cuisine we had not tried before and we ate like kings in some great places.

Jonathan & Tracy
Extremely well organized. Great places to stay, especially the sacred house hotel. Thoughtfully constructed days but very flexible to anything we wanted to do. Our guide, Mehmet, was simply fantastic and above all expectations, He went above and beyond on every occasion, he knew his material, had perfect English, was fun to be with and was very focused on our enjoyment of the trip.

Personally I had a great time with everyone. It was one of those once in a lifetime experiences.

If someone wasn't sure where to go in a foreign place and wanted a convenient way to travel an Access Trip would be it.

It was a perfect combination of "off the beaten trail" type trip but with great access to the real Morocco and its towns, both small and large. Karim did everything we asked for. He was a really cool guy and really helped us get a feel for the culture and area from the very beginning.

Steve, Victoria and the gang were prompt in responses and arrangements went smoothly. Great service, minimal planning (airport to airport assistance), excellent choice of sleepy/rustic village locale and tour leader.

Everything that was promised was provided plus an amazing Moroccan fella, Karim, who saw to our every need and want. Karim spoke perfect English, was a young guy like ourselves, knew exactly the type of trip and activities we were looking for from the start and was amusing, funny, genial. If your other leaders approach Karim's level of commitment to clients then I'll trumpet the Access brand from the highest peaks, biggest waves, and most remote locales.

Karim was exactly what the trip required. Everything he suggested and facilitated was right on the mark. I can't imagine you could've found a better guide, the local restaurant he took us too was absolutely perfect. It was a real adventure for a reasonable price.

I would certainly recommend Access Trips to a friend. It was a great experience. Fantastic to go solo on a trip, have a really memorable time and meet new people. I'm sure I'll stay in touch with Karim.

Johanna, 2x returning guest
Karim is the perfect person to represent Access Trips. He is always smiling, has tons of positive energy, and is in general a very laid back, easy going, and likeable guy.

Our trip leader is such a great guy. He loved to tell us about his country and chat about everything and anything. He made us laugh all the time. He was attentive and responsive to all our needs and requests.

I had a great trip.  I loved Morocco and would love to go back soon!

I would definitely recommend Access Trips to my friends because I loved the trip.

It was an amazing trip. A good balance- had a good time and some good laughs. It`s probably one of the best trips I went to.  I`ll probably register for another trip this summer. I`ll definitely check Access when looking for a vacation

I absolutely loved my trip in Morocco. The people were great and the country is gorgeous. It was one of the best weeks of my life. I met so many great people (both Moroccan and other travelers). I enjoyed learning about the culture. It was so great to have everything planned out ahead of time and not having to worry about anything.

The evening meals were fantastic! Massive feasts to a high standard with plenty of variety and opportunities to try different things.

I had such a great time, it was sooooo much fun and I definitely want to do another trip with Access Trips

My trip leader was brilliant in that he looked after all of us really well and went out of his way to help everyone, as well as being chilled out, friendly and easy going