Explore culture through cuisine on our exotic culinary vacations and food tours. With our knowledgeable local guides, world-class chefs, and carefully designed itineraries, we’ve created cooking and culinary vacations that offer unparalleled insider access to the local culture.

So whether you are a foodie looking for the best meals, a culture buff who savors serendipitous experiences, or a cooking enthusiast who wants to learn to prepare local foods, Access Trips culinary vacations are for you.

Learn more about our philosophy on food tours through CEO Tamar Lowell’s Huffington Post column: 5 Ways Culinary Tours Add Flavor to a Destination.



  • World-class instructors & chefs: We recruit highly skilled chefs to teach our cooking classes, and they share with you not only their cooking techniques but also their own personal food-culture experiences. Our chefs have a passion for leading classes on our cooking vacations; they are motivated, patient, and dedicated to helping you get the most out of your food tours.
  • Knowledgeable locals & unparalleled insider access: On our small group food tours we work with experienced local guides to ensure that you enjoy the very best food, markets, restaurants and cultural experiences. Giving you insider access to unique experiences is a key part of each culinary vacation.
  • Unique, well-paced itineraries: Our culinary vacations and food tours are designed to ensure that you enjoy the cultural and culinary highlights of a region while also experiencing those special travel moments you might never find on your own. Feel free to use our guides and chefs as little or as much as you like on your culinary vacation. You can do your own thing in the evening or explore our culinary destinations with the group, it is your choice.