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1. Access Trips instructional adventure trips are unique. We offer:

* World-class instructors: At Access Trips, we recruit the best instructors to maximize the learning and development of our guests. Our instructors are not only world-class athletes (many are professionals) but also highly-experienced instructors with a passion for teaching.

* Knowledgeable locals & 'secret' spots: Our trips involve experienced locals to ensure our guests can access the very best mountains, breaks, rivers, rocks and trails. Locals will take our guests off the beaten track to access 'secret spots' and crowd-free areas.

* Unique itineraries: We design our trips to offer our guests the very best of a region - its scenery, culture, food, accommodation and nightlife. Our trips are for people who love sports AND travel.

* All-round quality: Our trips provide an all-round quality experience. This means stylish, unique accommodation, base-towns that are attractive and fun, and destinations that offer incredible scenery and culture in addition to a great sports experience.

* Unparalleled Social Experience: Because guests travel with people who share their interest, they'll find that our trips are unparalleled when it comes to meeting cool people and having a great social time.

* Small groups: To ensure individual attention and the highest quality instruction, our groups are very small (usually 5-10 people) and our instructor-to-guest ratio is between 1:2 and 1:6, depending on the sport.

* Freedom & Flexibility: We make our trips as flexible as possible to ensure individual needs of guests are met. Intensive instruction is available to guests, but they are free to use our instructors as little or as much as they like. Likewise, our trips offer a great group experience, but guests are always free to do their own thing when they prefer.

2. We offer trips for every type of client, including:

* Beginners: If your clients are looking to learn a new sport or hobby, our trips are the perfect place to start. Instructors will teach your clients all they need to know in a relaxed and non-intimidating way, and they'll be sure to leave our trips with a new passion.

* Intermediates: Our trips are ideal for intermediates aiming to develop their style and technique and push themselves to new heights in their sport. Whether your clients have specific development goals or generally just want to improve their performance, they'll find the needed support in our instructors.

* Experts: With our world-class instructors, experts can fine-tune their technique, or they can take advantage of our local knowledge to access locals-only areas and stray from the beaten track.

* Women: Roughly half of our participants are women, as are many of our instructors. If you have female clients looking for a unique vacation, Access Trips will give them the perfect opportunity to meet plenty of other like-minded women, whether they opt for one of our co-ed trips or one of our women-only trips.

3. We lead trips in six activities and through fourteen countries:

* Snowboarding in Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand, Norway, and Canada.

* Skiing in Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand, Norway, and Canada.

* Mountain Biking in Turkey, Mexico, Costa Rica and Tibet and Nepal.

* Surfing in El Salvador, Morocco, Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico.

* Multisport in Costa Rica, Canada, Sri Lanka, Patagonia and El Salvador.

4. Many of our previous guests are willing to talk to you about their experience.
At Access Trips, we want you and your client to get the most accurate picture possible of our trips. For that purpose, we've made available on our website feedback from a variety of past guests on our Testimonials Page, and we also encourage you to e-mail us at info@accesstrips.com if you would like to speak to one of our past guests directly, either via e-mail or telephone.