Peru 2017 – Your Next Adventure Awaits You

Peru 2017 – and YOU! Why is Peru your next adventure for 2017? We have a hundred reasons, but we’ll try to narrow it down to just a few delicious points. First and foremost, the Peruvian culinary scene is hot, hot, hot, and now is the time to experience this gem on an Access Trips [ ]

Japanese Cultural Tour Highlights – Nijo Castle

Japanese Cultural Tour – More Than Just the Food Exploring Japan, from Tokyo to Osaka, the Access Trips culinary tour does what it does best, exposing the best of food and culture just as locals enjoy them. As always, we find much more to explore while we tour, including local customs, holidays, architecture and the [ ]

Learn Tagine on Our Moroccan Culinary Tour

Moroccan Culinary Tour To name one food on our Moroccan culinary tour that we love is next to impossible, but perhaps the most memorable are traditional tagine. This north African stew is both a cooking method and a set or recipes. A hearty dish which simmers in a classical cone lidded pot, tagine is a [ ]

Japanese Ryokan – where will you rest while you travel?

What is it about a vacation that stands out most to you? Is it the itinerary, the food? The places you sleep or the people you get to know? There are so many important factors when traveling that play a collective part in our enjoyment of the experience. On our Japan culinary tour, so many highlights [ ]

Culinary Travel Growing in Popularity

Culinary Travel According to a recent AAA study, culinary travel will be the top travel highlight sought out by 43% of travelers this year. This was highlighted via a recent AAA survey, stating 22-million travelers want a “culinary-focused vacation” within the next year. Furthermore, 4 out of 5 survey respondents said they have participated in [ ]

Cuba Culinary Tour: Explore Cuban Sugar

At Access Trips, our culinary tours let guests explore culture through cuisine. It’s what we’re all about. But that doesn’t mean just tasting delicious foods and experiencing top restaurants, it also means exploring where food comes from. In addition, the histories of the locations we visit often play a vital part of the food story [ ]

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Access Trips Ultimate Culinary Travel Packing List

Packing For Your Culinary Travel Adventure Booking your culinary travel adventure is a major step, now it’s time to get packing. Follow along in our blog today as we discuss what are must-haves and must-nots you should pack for culinary travel with Access Trips.

Peru Culinary Tour Spotlight: Chocolate

Heritage foods abound in Peru, making it the ultimate culinary destination. The Access Trips Peru culinary tour explores modern cuisine fusion and heritage food culativation, stories told through culinary practices and legacy for thousands of years. What is a heritage food you might ask? It’s a product, agricultural or manmade, that hails from a particular region. In [ ]


Travel Morocco One Bite At A Time

When spring temps begin to climb, we find our adventure seeking heats up as well. Booking trips to any of our six exotic destinations is always top choice for us. We love to visit these favorites of ours, exploring culture through cuisine. But when we think of savory and spicy destinations for the coming year, [ ]

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Cherry Blossoms Decorate Japan Culinary Tour

Japan Culinary Tour Seasonality is savored in Japan, a marker of time, fresh ingredients, weather, and ritual. In the fall, pumpkins and hardy greens grace meal time. In the winter, root vegetables, ramens, noodles and fish reign. And in the spring there are not only culinary markers of time like bamboo shoots and spring peas but [ ]

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