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New Year Splurge On Culinary Travel

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne…” Welcoming the New Year with culinary travel Some of our favorite remarks from Access Trips travelers in 2016 came from those who not only had a fantastic culinary tour but have also come away from a trip with a handful of new friends. Whether you’re traveling to [ ]

Winter Traditions Around The World

Winter Travel With the coldest and darkest winter days upon most of the U.S., it’s easy to find ourselves drifting into the dreamland of culinary travel. At Access Trips, we specialize in exploring culture through cuisine year-round, and the winter months are an incredible time to partake. Should you travel with us during any season [ ]

Travel Insurance And Why You Need It

The coming year is shaping up to be brilliantly busy for culinary travel. Our tours to Peru, Morocco, Vietnam, Thailand and of course, Cuba are as popular as ever. We are thrilled at Access Trips to be occupied with granting the travel wishes of many of you and looking forward to all the New Year brings. [ ]

Travel Insurance: Why You Need It

Travel Insurance It’s the inevitable question that rings out anytime you are making plans for travel. Just as you’ve secured your flights and booked your tour, the follow-up details have you pondering whether or not you should or will buy travel insurance. At Access Trips we help hundreds of travelers a month find their dream [ ]

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Food Photography Tips For Your Culinary Tour

You’ve booked the tour with Access Trips, packed your bags and now you’re thinking about how to perfectly capture your culinary adventure – every last scintillating taste and detail. Whether you’re bringing your largest camera or just your smartphone, here are some tips for taking excellent food photography on tour so you can savor your [ ]

How to De-stress Travel Preparations

You’ve picked your dates, booked your tour, and are busy planning what excursions, sights, sounds and, best of all, tastes you’ll encounter on your trip. The world is your oyster, as long as you get all those pesky little details in order – right? As much fun as planning a trip abroad can be, there [ ]

A Moroccan man walks under an arch on one of Access Trips' private tours.

Private Trips: How and Why to Book a Private Vacation

At Access Trips, we like to think of our small group tours as the “un-tour” way to travel. We focus on our guests in intimate settings with never more than 10-12 travelers, and together we learn how to cook, mix and mingle while learning about cultures in Asia, Europe, North and Latin America, and Africa. [ ]

What to Pack for a Summer Trip

Hot, hot hot!  Summer is one thing if nothing else – sizzling. While summer clothes may take up less room in your suitcase, it’s good to pack the essentials so you’re ready for any weather that may come your way on the road. Packing for a summer trip means putting thought into just how hot a [ ]

Dietary Restrictions on a Culinary Tour

Dietary Restrictions on a Culinary Tour Food, glorious food. How we all love it and yet so many of us have certain foods we have to avoid either by choice, by religious demand or because, worst of all, our health. All three of these contributing factors are reason enough to make a culinary tour seem [ ]

Fresh vegetables make for a perfect summer salad

What is a culinary tour? Listening to Your Inner Traveler

Learn about our award-winning culinary tours and explore culture through cuisine. Has your inner travel bug been whispering to you? “Let’s go on an adventure!” it might say, or “We haven’t been to that place yet.” Oh, that voice in our heads that drives us to explore the greater world around us.  At Access Culinary Trips we love [ ]

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