Peruvian ingredients are key to fusion cuisine

Peruvian Ingredients Define Culture & Cuisine

Learn more about our Peru Culinary Tour and explore Peruvian culture through its cuisine. Peruvian Ingredients See a Resurgence With all the accolades coming out of Peru these days, it’s hard to imagine that just over 30 years ago, Peru was in a state of upheaval politically and culturally. Terror attacks, rival political factions, and insecurity reigned [ ]

Visit Peru for incredible culture and cuisine

Visit Peru – Your Next Adventure Awaits You

Learn more about our Peru Culinary Tour and explore Peruvian culture through its cuisine. Visit Peru for World-Class Food & Culture Why should you visit Peru on your next adventure? We have a hundred reasons, but we’ll try to narrow it down to just a few delicious points. First and foremost, the Peruvian culinary scene is hot, [ ]

Peruvian cacao

Peruvian Cacao in the Spotlight

Learn more about our Peru Culinary Tour and explore Peruvian culture through its cuisine. Heritage foods are plentiful in Peru, making it the ultimate culinary destination. The Access Culinary Trips Peru tour explores modern cuisine fusion, heritage food cultivation, and stories told through culinary practices and legacies for thousands of years. What is a heritage food you might ask? It’s a [ ]

Art at Museo Larco

Indigenous Art At The Museo Larco

Learn more about our Peru Culinary Tour and explore Peruvian culture through its cuisine. Explore Indigenous Peruvian Art at Museo Larco As the World Travel Awards’ top pick for culinary travel, Peru has brought indigenous culture and fusion cuisine to the forefront. Spanish, West African, Chinese, Japanese and culturally Peruvian cuisines and ingredients have become interwoven by chefs [ ]

What To Drink In Peru? Pisco Sours, Of Course

Libations in Peru: Pisco Sour The pisco sour is perhaps one of the most popular cocktails of this last year in the United States. Cozy up to the bar at almost any popular restaurant and you’re likely to find some iteration of this classic Peruvian drink. On our Peru tour, guests will learn from local [ ]

Summer Culinary Adventure Awaits You in Peru

A South American Culinary Adventure For All Your Senses Peru was the hottest addition to the travel scene at Access Trips in 2016. From the High Andes cuisines to the gastronomic streets of Lima, our Peru tour is an education for the body and soul. Summer tours are booking now, so if you are eager [ ]

Peru travel

Peru Travel Highlight: Potatoes

Peru travel…for potatoes? Potatoes, really? Could it be that the premier culinary travel company Access Trips is leading with potatoes for the first blog in the New Year? Well, yes! As it turns out, the humble potato, founder of the French fry, reason for Au gratin, star of the Irish potato famine, and a staple [ ]

Peru Culinary Trends Top World Tourism Awards

World Travel Awards Access Trips Peru Tour: There is no hiding why we’ve picked Peru as our next culinary destination at Access Trips. This South American gem is only just beginning to heat up, and culinary travelers are set to experience the best of Peruvian cuisine on this pioneering tour. So of course, we were thrilled [ ]

Peruvian Food: The next adventure

Peruvian Food In the world of food, only a few countries come to mind on the forefront of culinary adaptation and inventiveness; one of those is Peru. Along with culinary leaders like Denmark, Peru has seen a revolution emerge from its homespun cultures and kitchens over the last several years. Multi-ethnic approaches to Peruvian food [ ]

Required Reading: Booklists for Peru Travel

You’ve asked and we’re here to deliver. Just in time for some holiday travel, Longitude Books has helped us compile reading lists for each of our exotic culinary destinations. As the experts in reading for travel, we’re thrilled to partner with them for this project. Below you’ll find several suggestions for Peru travel, especially exploring [ ]

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