Delicious tagine recipe

Tagine Recipe from Our Moroccan Cooking Tour

Learn more about our Morocco Culinary Tour and explore Moroccan culture through its cuisine. Learn to Cook Tagines To name one food on our Moroccan cooking tour that we love is next to impossible, but perhaps the most memorable is a traditional tagine recipe. Our tour includes five Moroccan cooking classes in which we learn to cook several [ ]


Moroccan Travel, One Bite at a Time

Learn more about our Morocco Culinary Tour and explore Moroccan culture through its cuisine. When spring temperatures begin to climb, we find that our adventure-seeking heats up as well. We love booking trips to our eight exotic destinations and exploring culture through cuisine. When we think of savory and spicy destinations for the coming year, we often [ ]

Tajine recipe from our Morocco travel.

New York Times “52 Places to GO in 2017” including Morocco!

If only to gaze at the open water in the first graphic on this article, check out the New York Times 52 Places to GO in 2017. But after staring wistfully into the cold Pacific ocean, or imagining you’re on the Disneyland ride “Soaring,” slide the page down to number 11 on the New York [ ]

Morocco Culinary Tour – Explore Tagines

A Morocco Cuisine Tour Tagine; the name of a dish, a collection of recipes, and also the name of the pot it is cooked in. In Morocco, there isn’t a home that doesn’t own at least one. In fact, there is no food more synonymous with Moroccan cuisine than the tagine. The iconic stoneware pot [ ]

A Moroccan man walks under an arch on one of Access Trips' private tours.

Tour Morocco: Important Etiquette For travel

This blog is a repost from 2013, and is the perfect wrap-up of important social and cultural tips that will be useful when you tour Morocco with Access Trips. As it is in any country, the best way to absorb Moroccan culture is to live like a local. Since your typical Moroccan excels at the [ ]

Moroccan Culinary Tour: Where Cultures Converge

A Moroccan Culinary Tour – Cuisine Crossroads To taste Moroccan food is to open your taste buds to a history of cultures coming together, dating back centuries. From the heat of the desert comes a fusion so ancient, its seams have smoothly blended into each other. Influences of French, Berber, Spanish, African, and Arabic lives have [ ]

Argan Oil: Morocco’s ancient beauty secret

On our Moroccan cooking tours you’ll head from vibrant Casablanca to the charming fishing town of Essaouira, relax in a tiny Berber village in the High Atlas mountains, and finally, explore extraordinary Marrakech, the most African of Morocco’s cities. Along the way, you’ll experience a Moroccan cooking class in three different cities, bargain at a souk [ ]

Morocco tour – one sultry meal at a time!

As summer sizzles along, we’re looking to the seasons ahead and the possibilities for sultry and delicious travel. Our Moroccan tour is ideal for anyone who wants to combine their passion for food with their passion for travel. Moroccan cooking is a delectable combination of culinary influences from the Arabs, Berbers, French, and Spanish. Alongside our expert [ ]

Culinary Tour Morocco: Marrakech

IMPERIAL OASIS Spices, medieval relics, glitter, purple, red, mosques, temples, dust, riads, sounds, smells, donkeys and a flurry of markets – Marrakech is a sensory overload from beginning to end. Our culinary tour of Morocco would not be complete without a stop in this imperial city. Mystical Marrakech is an enchanting palm oasis set against the snow-capped peaks [ ]

Moroccan Culinary Tour

A Moroccan Culinary Tour – Spices

A Moroccan culinary tour is a total sense immersion in spice and culture. Berber, Arabian, Arabic and Andalusia/Spanish influences, found throughout Moroccan cuisine, emerge in a fusion of spices, fruits, and vegetables. Bitter, sour, sweet and spicy tastes, wrapped in earthy notes and warm aromas tell the story of ancient civilizations that have shaped this gateway [ ]

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