Japan culinary tour

Japan Culinary Tour Highlight: Sampuru “Fake Food”

Japan Food Tour If you haven’t discovered the Access Trips Japan tour yet, it’s time. Our Japan tour gives you an insiders view of the cultures we visit, and as with all Access Trips tours, it’s through the lens of the cuisines that shape daily life. We recently showcased our stop at the Sampuru factory on the Access Trips blog [ ]

Japanese Bath Etiquette

A Must-Know: Japanese Bath Etiquette Japan, a culture wrapped in history, ancient customs and respect. Our Japan tour is not only a cuisine adventure, it is a cultural immersion. From temple visits to Soba lessons, lively market tours, a traditional Japanese bath experience and overnights in Ryokan, Japan will open your senses. One of our [ ]

Fascinating Harajuku Culture

Harajuku Culture on the Access Trips Japan Tour How do we put into words the fascinating world of Harajuku? A lifestyle? Cultural phenomenon? Fashion era?  In Japan, it is all of those things and more. Uniquely Japanese and cultivated in Tokyo, Harajuku fashion is a combination of childlike fantasy, anime, and expressive other-worldly wear that [ ]

Japan Tours – Kii Peninsula

Exploring Japan Day By Day The Access Trips Japan tour holds so many exquisite stops in store for the explorer at heart, that we are breaking them down day by day in our weekly blog. From the bustling streets of modern Tokyo to the renowned foods of Osaka, Japan is a traveler’s wonderland. On days [ ]

Japanese Cultural Tour Highlights – Nijo Castle

Japanese Cultural Tour – More Than Just the Food Exploring Japan from Tokyo to Osaka, the Access Trips tour does what it does best – exposing the best of food and culture just as locals enjoy them. As always, we find much more to explore while we tour, including local customs, holidays, architecture and the [ ]

Meal at a Japanese ryokan

Japanese Ryokan – Where Will You Rest While You Travel?

What is it about a vacation that stands out most to you? Is it the itinerary, the food? The places you sleep or the people you get to know? There are so many important factors when traveling that play a collective part in our enjoyment of the experience. On our Japan tour, so many highlights come [ ]

japan culinary tour

Cherry Blossoms Decorate Japan Culinary Tour

Japan Cuisine Tour Seasonality is savored in Japan – a marker of time, fresh ingredients, weather, and ritual. In the fall, pumpkins and hardy greens grace meal time. In the winter, root vegetables, ramens, noodles and fish reign. And in the spring there are not only culinary markers of time, like bamboo shoots and spring [ ]

Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market – Japanese Cuisine Explored at the Source

Japan Tour Stop: Nishiki Market Japan’s culinary persuasions are tied intimately to the land, the sea, and the season. From fresh bamboo shoots in the spring, hearty pumpkins in the fall, and delicious rice dishes year round, each meal represents the healthfulness of what nature has provided at that time. On our Japan food tour, we’ll stop [ ]

Japan Tour: Exploring Exotic Vegetables

Japan Cuisine Tour Our Japan tour is a discovery for your taste buds. Marked by refined ingredients and perfected flavors, Japanese cuisine is as historical as it is delicious. A story of land and sea, of local ingredients and ancient traditions, each dish is made with intention and most are created with nutrition, flavor, and [ ]

Fake food from Japan

Delicious Fake Food? Find Out More On Our Japan Culinary Tour

Japan Culinary Tour Travel to Japan on an Access Trips Japan culinary tour has begun booking and there is no better time to reserve your spot! As with all of our tours, Access Trips will give you insider access using the lens of food to discover ancient culinary cultures, modern adaptations, and the unique cuisine signature [ ]

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