Delicious Daiquiris with Guest Blogger Allison Levine

Allison Levine of Please the Palate has shared a bit about her recent experience in Cuba on an Access Trips tour. She’s written a superb post about a quintessentially Cuban libation, the daiquiri! We loved reading her Pick of The Week, and can’t wait to share it with you. Thanks, Allison! Please The Palate Pick [ ]

Why Your Travel To Cuba Matters Now

Travel To Cuba Now It doesn’t seem all that long ago that travel to Cuba was near impossible for the average American tourist. In 2014 President Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro took historic steps to lessen the gap between the Cuban people and Americans however, and in the last two years travel to Cuba [ ]

Weekend in Havana – You Should Book Now!

Weekend in Havana: too good to pass up! Topping the list of off the beaten path travel, a weekend in Havana still reigns supreme. Never has a destination been so sought after. But, recent policy issues have left many travelers with legitimate concerns over how, if or when they can go to Cuba. Never fear, [ ]

CEO Tamar Lowell Talks Cuban Travel Changes

Cuban Travel Changes It’s no surprise to find Access Trips’ own head travel guru in The New York Times this last week. Lowell and other travel experts are discussing the recent changes to Cuban travel policies from the United States. Regardless of your politics, travelers want to know how and what will affect their Cuban travel [ ]

A Weekend in Havana

Havana for the Weekend You asked and we’re delivering. Havana is now at your fingertips on the Access Trips Cuba Weekend tour.  For those on a time budget, or those who simply can’t wait for a spot on our regularly timed full-length culinary tours (which sell out faster than we can add them), the Havana [ ]

Inside Cuba Culinary Tours

The Access Trips Cuba Culinary Trip The best Cuba Tours are with Access Trips, that’s easy enough to decide. But what makes an Access Trips Cuba tour experience so special? It’s the insider access guests are granted with our local guides and personal attention to detail. Instead of feeling like a tourist, trapped in a [ ]

Cuba Food Tour: Explore Cuban Sugar

At Access Trips, our tours let guests explore culture through cuisine. It’s what we’re all about. But that doesn’t mean just tasting delicious foods and experiencing top restaurants, it also means exploring where food comes from. In addition, the histories of the locations we visit often play a vital part of the food story we [ ]

Cuba: Exchanging Money, What You Need To Know

Photo credit: Laura Hobbs – Darling Creative Exchanging Money in Cuba While it may not be the most exciting element of travel, how and where you get and keep your money is always an important consideration. In Cuba there are a few rules and limitations you’ll need to be aware of in order to have [ ]

Cuba Travel Photo Experience With An Access Trips Guest

Cuba Travel Experience Today we bring you another stunning look into the Cuba travel adventure with Access Trips by guest Laura Hobbs. Laura, of Darling Creative, has shared her exquisite photos with us, and we are delighted to share them with you. While on tour with us late last year, Laura and her fellow tribe of Access [ ]

Travel to Cuba with Guest Blogger Laura Hobbs

Travel to Cuba with Access Trips Laura Hobbs of Darling Creative has shared her experience with travel to Cuba on an Access Trips tour, this last December. She’s written an excellent blog for us with valuable insights for all Cuba travelers and allowed us to share it with you. We’ll be featuring her photos as well, and [ ]

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