Solo Travel

Solo travel on our group culinary tours gives you a great opportunity to explore your passion for food and exotic destinations while meeting new and interesting people. Our culinary tours attract many solo travelers with the common interest of sharing unique culinary and cultural experiences with insider access, working with top chefs, and tasting exquisite local cuisine. And no one can match our friendly guides when it comes to building camaraderie among travelers who share a sense of fun and adventure. Some of our solo travelers have returned to us over and over with the same friends they made on their first tour with us.

Flexible Solo Travel Options

On all of our tours, we offer private room upgrades for people who prefer more privacy. We also offer roommate pairing, when possible, for those looking to share a room. We understand that many people do not want to pay “extra” for being a single traveler and we work hard to keep our prices fair.

Whatever solo travel experience you are looking for, we have a tour for you. Maybe you would like to learn to cook traditional food in Morocco, take a street food tour and cook with celebrity chefs in Vietnam, learn to make daiquiris in Cuba, or eat ceviche and explore Machu Picchu in Peru. Whichever of our portfolio of culinary tours appeals to you, our dedicated chefs, knowledgeable local guides, and carefully designed itineraries will ensure a fun and memorable trip!

Feel Safe as You Explore

Whatever your reason for traveling solo, don’t let traveling alone hold you back. Venture farther and explore more knowing that you are in good hands with Access Culinary Trips.

If you are interested in tours for singles, please call 1-800-567-9400 or email for more information.