Peruvian Ingredients Define Culture & Cuisine

Peruvian ingredients are key to fusion cuisine

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Peruvian Ingredients See a Resurgence

With all the accolades coming out of Peru these days, it’s hard to imagine that just over 30 years ago, Peru was in a state of upheaval politically and culturally. Terror attacks, rival political factions, and insecurity reigned everyday Peruvians’ lives, and the center of Peru’s culture – its food – fell by the wayside as international consumers aligned themselves with romanticized regions around the world. Peruvian ingredients were thought of as archaic and homely. How then has this nation reshaped itself entirely, so much so that a Peru culinary tour is now a top item on many travel bucket lists?

It is in great thanks, and no surprise, to a nation’s hunger for its own identity. Peru needed its culture once again in order to heal from political and war torn wounds. Peruvian foods, Peruvian ingredients, and Peruvian chefs are what now makes the soul of this country tick. “Today, Peru has risen from what many describe as “chaos” and, thanks to efforts of four generations of the country’s chefs, re-imagined itself through a thriving gastronomical culture. Lima is now considered one of the world’s leading culinary destinations,” notes the Peru Promotion Committee in their op-ed for the New York Times. While made for obvious self-promoting purposes, this article and accompanying video are actually quite reflective of why we at Access Culinary Trips delight in our Peru cuisine tour – and you should too! Sustainability, locality, originality, fusion, and authenticity are all cornerstones of true modern day Peruvian delicacies.

Flavors In Constant Change On A Peru Culinary Tour

What was once lost has been found again. In Peru, corn, potatoes, and quinoa are back. For a brief moment in history, just long enough for a considerable ripple of culinary unrest, these heritage foods were considered boring, passé, and old school. They represented a Peru stuck in the past, and unwilling to move into the bright spotlight of the modern world. How wrong the masses were, and now, three generations of chefs later, Peru has awoken to its own awesome food revival.

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