Vietnamese Cooking – in Vietnam!

Vietnamese cooking

Learn more about our Vietnam Culinary Tour and explore Vietnamese culture through its cuisine.

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Sultry summer temperatures and potential time off will soon be arriving in the Northern hemisphere. As layers come off and spring serves as a gateway to a more laid-back time of year, our minds drift to exotic destinations and delicious cuisines. Our Vietnam tour beckons foodie adventurers and begs for the culinary-minded to come and explore. Now is the time to book your Vietnamese cooking tour!

Imagine a food-lovers day filled with proud Vietnamese farmers in conical straw hats and acres of rice paddies being tended to. Indulge in the smells of lemongrass, ginger and mint, savory spices simmering amidst street vendors and wafting from kitchens. Immerse yourself in the romance of a bygone colonial era, the hope of a resilient people who look to a modern future, and deep traditions of ancient Vietnam.

Vietnamese cooking, a story told in exotic flavors and sights

This fascinating culture will envelop you while you visit, and the foods of Vietnam are equally intriguing. Spicy, fresh, and bright, Vietnamese cooking is sought out worldwide for good reason. In Vietnam, great importance is put on both flavors and freshness. Presentation too becomes the focus of each dish, and condiments are always bright and pleasing to gaze at. In Vietnam, all of the senses are treated to a meal. Soups are made with quickly cooked meat and clear bright broths. Noodle dishes spring to life with bright fresh citrus, crisp vegetables, and crunchy peanuts. Heaviness is avoided in favor of light and tangy full flavor meals.

To truly experience Vietnamese cooking at the most local of levels, book a Vietnam tour with Access Culinary Trips. We pride ourselves on our small-group tours which offer intimate insider access. Our expert guides take you into their own hometowns and favorite haunts to explore the foundations of heritage cuisine.