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Visit Peru for incredible culture and cuisine

Learn more about our Peru Culinary Tour and explore Peruvian culture through its cuisine.

Visit Peru for World-Class Food & Culture

Why should you visit Peru on your next adventure? We have a hundred reasons, but we’ll try to narrow it down to just a few delicious points. First and foremost, the Peruvian culinary scene is hot, hot, hot, and now is the time to experience this gem on a Peruvian culinary tour. In addition to delectable heritage eats, Peru boasts some of civilization’s most ancient relics. Inca culture and Quechua life are cultural highlights of our Peru food tour. Peru 2017 – here we come!

Where to Visit in Peru?

Exploring the farthest reaches of the world is what travel adventure seekers do. Our Peru tour opens the doors of this ultimate southern hemisphere fusion destination for foodies and culture buffs alike. Our tour begins in the coastal city of Lima, where some of the world’s top chefs have burst forth with culinary creativity, competing with the likes of France for top culinary honors. In Lima, we explore the local restaurant scene and begin our culinary journey to understanding Peruvian cuisine.

Our tour then winds north to Cusco, the heart of ancient Incan civilization. High in the Andes we visit markets, quinoa farms, and local cultural highlights, and up here in the midst of this rich cultural stop is your chance to try a national favorite, Cuy, if you dare.

What is bringing tourists to Cusco? Well, the obvious answer is Machu Picchu, and Cusco is en route to this world heritage spot. But there is so much more. Peru, swept with modernization in Lima, is still quietly beautiful at its higher altitudes, beckoning explorers to let culture seep into their bones.

Beyond Machu Picchu

Visiting Machu Picchu is a must when traveling to Peru, but don’t limit yourself to one ancient site. Indeed, the areas surrounding Cusco, and across the High Andes are rich with heritage sites worth your time. Sacsayhuaman, a former Incan fortress which overlooks the city of Cusco is one such impeccable destination. Its intricate hand carved stones feel like something out of the imagination of a child. Seemingly impossibly large squares are fitted together in patterns that tip left and right, leaning into each other for strength and fortification. This is a wonderful stop on our tour.

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