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Travel has been transformational over this last year. From global awareness of threatened, unknown, or fragile destinations like Greenland, The Maldives and Cuba, to reemerging travel hotspots like Morocco, and places on everyone’s must-do list like Peru, travel professionals are busy at work making sure guests the world over are experiencing the best of the best. Access Culinary Trips has pioneered small group tours for foodies to six exotic destinations and the list will grow again in the near future. We are delighted to share some of the latest news about our truly unique tours, as seen in the Chicago Tribune, TravelAge West, Smarter Travel and National Geographic.

Chicago Tribune

Our Japan culinary tour has made the news! Thanks to writer Phil Marty for his mention of our newest tour in his sections Taste of Japan, “Foodies may want to dig into Access Trips’ new Japan Culinary Tour. This nine-day/eight-night package explores both the culture and food of the country. Tokyo is the starting point, where guests explore the city’s traditional and modern attractions and have an opportunity to learn how to make soba noodles, followed by a dinner including your handiwork. Other cities visited include Kyoto, Asuka and Osaka. Aside from the cultural aspects of those locales, there will be tastings in Kyoto’s Nishiki Market, a farm-to-table experience in Asuka and a street-food tour in Osaka. A tea ceremony is also on the itinerary, along with visits to numerous temples and shrines.”

TravelAge West

TravelAge West has twice highlighted important culinary travel news this winter. In December we were honored to be featured in their piece, Why Access Trips Culinary Tours Should Be On Your Radar, and in February they circled back again with A Guide to Culinary Tourism’s Top Travel Trends.  “Indeed, the travel industry’s enduring buzzword — experiential travel — has taken center stage even on the gastronomic front. And exclusivity in food travel has turned on its head: Travelers would rather get their own hands dirty, sharing cooking duties with locals before sitting at the same dinner table. And an agent, or a tour operator, is much better suited to arrange the complex logistics required.” says writer Valerie Chen of TravelAge West. Tours for foodies are in fashion, not for their ease of travel, but because experienced and experiential tour companies bring you deeper into a culture through connections to local resources, people, and events. Access Culinary Trips does just that.

Smarter Travel

Smarter Travel’s Caroline Morse did an excellent three part story on her travel experience in Cuba with Access Culinary Trips. Future travelers will enjoy this intimate look at Cuba.

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National Geographic Traveler’s June issue highlighted the best tours for foodies around the globe with high accolades indeed for Access Culinary Trips. We have pioneered culinary tours of Cuba, and continue to develop our relationships with local food professionals.’Cuba has been forging new culinary paths and celebrating its traditional foods as it opens its doors to the wider world. This gastronomic survey of the island samples the Cuban-Mediterranean fare at Atelier, a paladar, or privately owned restaurant, in Havana’s Vedado neighborhood, and such plates as seafood-papaya lasagna at the paladar La Guarida. Work up an appetite between bites by learning salsa moves from a local pro and how to make the perfect daiquiri with a bartender from the famed El Floridita. A bonus: Your ride is a ’57 Chevy. ‘Cuba Culinary Tour,’ Access Trips, 8 days, starting at $3,590.”