Exploring the Bangkok Flower Market

Bangkok flower market

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The Bangkok Flower Market will Captivate You with Color

Sprawling, bustling, bursting forth with sounds, sights, smells, and tastes, Bangkok is a busy city full of bold statements. There are great historical monuments to be seen, food so mouthwatering you’ll be dreaming of it, and people who graciously welcome you to experience their homeland. With all of the excitement in a Thai culinary tour, those who seek to both immerse themselves in this bustling metropolis and escape all at once might find themselves tucked away happily one afternoon in the Bangkok flower market, Pak Khlong Talad, which reaches its peak in the wee hours of the morning but keeps your interest all day. Bangkok’s largest flower market, Pak Khlong Talad is a 24-hour hub for floral imports and exports from the country. Here restaurants, hotels, floral businesses and locals hustle before dawn to grab the most beautiful and most intricate of Thai flower arrangements and bulk orders of wholesale buds.

Formerly an outdoor market along the Chao Phraya river, the sheer size of Pak Khlong Talad was the cause of too much traffic and congestion as it continued to sprawl, and so these last several years the Bangkok flower market has been brought indoors, occupying a large warehouse system. Still, ambitious travelers can meander market stalls for hours (and at any hour of the day or night), finding every imaginable variation of orchid, lotus, and fragrant jasmine. Special notice should be paid to the strands and strands of marigold, sold by the bushel and used for prayer, good luck, house warming and general celebration. Old men can sometimes be found sleeping on bundles of them wasting the afternoon away. You’ll also see banana leaf cigarettes, sold as offerings to the gods, and a multitude of shrine arrangements.

On Day 2 of our Thai culinary tour, guests will take in many sights from around Bangkok, including this famed flower market. After a sensory filled day, you’ll relax in a 5-star hotel while visions of jasmine and tuberose drift away from your memory.

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