Culinary Travel: Access Trips A Leader For 2017

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Culinary Travel 2017

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Virtuoso®, the global network of luxury travel agencies, has unveiled its 2017 Virtuoso Luxe Report, forecasting emerging travel developments and top destinations for the coming year. Recognized as a leading trend predictor for luxury and experiential travel, the report offers insight into the preferences of upscale travelers as determined by the group’s annual survey of its worldwide travel advisors. For 2017, luxury travelers are seeking adventures in less explored areas and craving customized local experiences wherever they roam.

Culinary Travel Pioneers

Access Trips, is of course, glad to hear this wonderful news and to share it with our readers! In our many years of travel experience, we’ve kept our client’s hunger for adventure at the forefront, and culinary adventures especially. Our exotic culinary tours align with at least three of the five categories listed in Virtuoso’s 2017 rankings and we are proud to be partnering with additional local teams this year to bring you more luxury and adventure destinations than ever before.

Here are Virtuoso’s recommendations for five must-have travels in 2017:

  1. Head now for destinations with a sense of urgency: ones that are changing rapidly or even disappearing. Cuba tops the list as both an emerging destination and one in danger of losing its distinctive character. The Arctic is another must-see, with melting glaciers impacting the region’s unique wildlife. Closer to home now is the time to visit Lanai before it gains more popularity.
  2. Seek out active journeys, as adventure travel soars even higher this year as a dominant trend. Virtuoso’s advisors recommend a variety of adventures, including an African safari, swimming with whale sharks in Mexico or Australia, or hiking the Swiss Alps.
  3. Splurge on an over-the-top exclusive experience: hire a personal guide for a city tour or board a private jet for an unforgettable round-the-world journey. Exclusive-use travel is a key trend for 2017, whether it is renting a villa in a prime destination such as St. Barts or even a private island, or chartering a yacht for a Croatian sail.
  4. Savor the flavors and eat like a local wherever you roam. Take a cooking class, peruse the markets, hunt for truffles, dine at a world-class restaurant or opt for a private, in-home dining experience.
  5. Take a cruise that matches your preferences and personality. Virtuoso advisors recommend cruising for its convenience, value, and range of options. River cruising offers greater cultural immersion and the opportunity to explore the heart of a destination. Expedition cruising continues to gain popularity for its nature-focused and more intimate, experiential itineraries to remote destinations.

So How Does Access Trips Stack Up? Very well.

#1. Destinations with a sense of urgency: Cuba, need we say more? Access Trips has pioneered legal Cuban travel for small group tours and our guests are raving about it. Rather than join the masses, set yourself apart on a small group culinary adventure and let Cuba be yours to experience.

#2. Active adventures: All of our tours take place in exotic locations, and we offer private adventure touring too. Our itineraries are for active culinary adventurers who want to explore culture through cuisine.

#3. Splurge on exclusive experiences: While we specialize in small group tours, we also cater to private and family trips. All Access Trips guests stay in unique and stylish accommodations in all the locations we visit.

And it doesn’t end there. Access Trips has pioneered small group culinary travel including; Private cooking classes with celebrity chefs in countries around the world. Farm to table meals in exotic locations, personal experiences that take guests from field to plate. Visiting and learning from locals in their own homes in places like Cuba, Peru, and Thailand.

#4. This one is easy. We are your leading culinary tour company and pioneers of culinary travel in Cuba. Exploring culture through cuisine is our favorite way to experience a destination!

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