Required Reading: Booklists for Peru Travel

You’ve asked and we’re here to deliver. Just in time for some holiday travel, Longitude Books has helped us compile reading lists for each of our exotic culinary destinations. As the experts in reading for travel, we’re thrilled to partner with them for this project. Below you’ll find several suggestions for Peru travel, especially exploring the culinary sides of Peru. In the coming weeks, we’ll highlight Cuba, Vietnam, Morocco, and Thailand as well.

Peru Travel Reads

pru136PERU, The Cookbook: A look inside traditional home cooking from one of the world’s most popular culinary destinations. Peruvian cuisine is gaining popularity in America and chefs from San Francisco to New York are making Peruvian ceviche, quinoa and lomo saltado — dishes featuring unique ingredients like the distinct “aji amarillo” chile pepper. Includes 500 recipes. Author Gaston Acurio is a Peruvian celebrity whose flagship restaurant has been ranked in the world’s top 20. He even has a good shot at becoming Peru’s next president.  (PRU136, $49.95)


Insight Guide Peru: In its hallmark style, this guide brings Peru to life in hundreds of color photographs and vividly written essays by a team of experts. Panoramic in scope, the book takes us from the crowded streets of Lima to famed archeological sites, providing genuine insight into a complex land and people. Its chapters include a history of the Incas, daily life in the Andes, the author and politician Mario Vargas Llosa and an overview of people of the Amazon. With some travel information. Sixth edition.  (PRU01, $23.99)


and05-1Lost City of the Incas: A first-rate tale of adventure by the man who rediscovered Machu Picchu in 1911. This classic account is a gripping story of exploration, archaeology and natural history — and still an outstanding overview of the site itself. With original expedition photographs. Originally published in 1952, the book is still an excellent account, not only of the expedition but also of the site itself.  (AND05, $17.99)

The Exotic Kitchens of Peru: A carefully researched cookbook of traditional Peruvian cuisine, with practical advice on how to adapt recipes for the American kitchen. The recipes, gathered from professional chefs and home cooks, reflect a multicultural mix of the fallen Inca Empire and of the successive waves of Spanish conquerors, African slaves, Chinese laborers and Italian and Japanese immigrants who made Peru their home.  (PRU69, $16.95)

And for more Peru travel reading recommendations visit Longitude Books here.