Meet Maren – Inside Access Trips

Meet Maren Rhodin – Access Trips Guest Services & Sales

A long time ago, well, not really all that long ago actually, a brave young woman ventured west from South Carolina to Seattle where she landed a job at Access Trips.  It may not have been quite that simple of course, but we’re glad to say that Maren Rhodin found Access Trips and became our guest services and sales associate, where she has brought her passion for food and travel into every working day at the office.

Before landing on the rainy streets of Seattle and pine covered mountains of Washington state, Maren set about on her lifelong goal of exploring cultures around the world. Her travel story began shortly after high school when she embarked on a four-month travel abroad program to South America. Here she learned how to become intimate with a culture by immersing herself in the daily work that happened around her, something she sees in the trips she helps customers select today at Access Trips. In Peru, Maren hiked Machu Pichu, and she discovered then that authentic travel was something she wanted to remain part of her life and work.

She then traveled to India while in college, and on to France where she would work for several months. Most recently she has spent time in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and Bali, and in between all these larger trips Maren has also traveled to Mexico, and Canada, including the Yukon. She’s got the travel bug big time!

So how did we get her to settle down a little and take on the important job she does at Access Trips at our home base in Washington?  In her words, “I love Access Trips. I feel like I am part of a family of a like-minded people who all have great senses of humor, great minds, and a palpable passion for the same things I do – travel and food.”

And we’re all grateful for that!

Should you want to book a tour with Access Trips this year you will find Maren at the ready to answer all of your travel questions and help you pick the very best tour location and dates for your individual needs. She’s a wealth of information about all the locations we travel and we hope you enjoy working with her as much as we do.