Peru is 2015’s Top Culinary Travel Destination

Ceviche, a delight of culinary travel to Peru

Home to some of the world’s top restaurants and diverse landscapes boasting their own distinct cuisine, Peru was recently recognized as the World’s Leading Culinary Destination by the World Travel Awards (WTA) in their 2015 global edition. This is the fourth time the nation has topped the respected organization’s list of the most popular culinary travel destinations.

Other nations in the running for the top honors included China, Australia, Thailand, Japan, India, Malaysia, India, Italy, the United States, Mexico and France, according to Magali Silva Velarde-Alvarez, Peru’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister. The list of runner-ups is telling in itself, pointing to the growing interest in more exotic culinary destinations in addition to the classic epicurean hot spots like France, Italy and Spain.

Delightful Dishes from Culinary Travel to Peru

In celebration of Peru’s esteemed recognition as 2015’s must-visit culinary hot spot, here are a few of our favorite aspects of Peru’s vibrant and diverse culinary culture.

1.     World’s Best Fusion Cuisine – The ultimate fusion cuisine, Peru’s epicurean scene is world class, particularly in Lima, the cosmopolitan culinary hub that acts as home to three of the world’s top 50 restaurants. On our Peru tour, you’ll get the chance to step behind the scenes to tour the kitchen of one of Peru’s top Chifa (Peruvian-Chinese) restaurants before savoring an exclusive tasting menu. To cap off your time in Lima, enjoy a meal of Nikkei cuisine at one of the world’s top restaurants. Nikkei embraces the harmony between Peruvian ingredients and Japanese culinary technique.

2.     Village Tradition – Totally distinct from Lima’s modern, worldly restaurant scene, head to a small village near Pisac and experience some of Peru’s most ancient culinary traditions. There the cuisine is a hearty mix of meat, potatoes and other produce native to the area. Participating in a pachamanca ceremony is a must. You’ll demonstrate your appreciation for the edible gifts of the earth as you prepare a savory meal in an earth oven made of stone lining a hole in the ground.

3.     Geographic Diversity Amps Up Cuisine – From the Andean Highlands where quinoa, maize and over 3,000 different potatoes are sourced to the Amazon, which supplies seasonal fruits, and Peru’s vast coast delivering unparalleled seafood, Peru’s diverse geography is reflected in the cuisine. Taste your way through waves of influences brought by the Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and West Africans. There are few nations in the world with cuisine that boasts the exceptional flavors, textures and fusions like that of Peru!