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Peru Culinary Tour – OVERVIEW

Peru is named Top Culinary Destination by the World Travel Awards. Click here for more info.

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The birthplace of authentic fusion, Peru is an epicurean dreamscape where Spanish, West African, Chinese, Japanese and Andean influences create a cuisine as deliciously captivating and complex as the culture. Let your taste buds guide you on our Peru culinary tour as you explore Peru’s unrivaled geographic and cultural diversity from cosmopolitan Lima to the colonial city of Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and finally mystical Machu Picchu.

Savor insider access to the Lima culinary scene as you learn the secret to the perfect ceviche, sip Peru’s world-class Andean coffee and sample variations of Pisco, the national spirit. Additional culinary highlights include a tour of the kitchen at one of Peru’s top Chifa (Peruvian-Chinese) restaurants followed by an exclusive tasting menu. Then dine at one of the world’s top 50 restaurants, where Nikkei cuisine embraces the harmonious balance between Peruvian ingredients and Japanese culinary techniques.

After exploring the worldly coastal city of Lima, venture to Cusco, the vibrant historic capital of the Inca Empire high in the Andes Mountains. Visit local markets, quinoa farms, and even the Maras salt ponds used since the Inca period. Then experience a private Pachamanca celebration and learn to cook an Andean feast in an oven built from earth and stone.

Discover the legacy of Spanish colonialism and explore Inca ruins such as Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo and Moray, where micro-climates empowered the Incas to conduct agricultural experiments using concentric terraces built into natural depressions. Travel to Peru would not be complete without a journey through the Sacred Valley of the Incas to one of the true wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. Exploring the sacred and majestic ruins at Machu Picchu, nestled on a ridge surrounded by sacred peaks, is the perfect way to end this bucket list trip.

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Peruvian Food

Peruvian food is the ultimate fusion cuisine, stemming from its geographic and cultural diversity. The Andean highlands provide quinoa, maize and more than 3,000 types of native potatoes. The Amazon region supplies delicious seasonal fruits, more than 20 of which are indigenous, and Peru’s 1500 miles of coast line delivers abundant fresh seafood.

Culinary influences were brought to Peru in waves, by the Spanish, Japanese (Nikkei), Chinese (Chifa) and West Africans. These immigrants brought their culinary techniques and recipes and combined them with Peru’s agricultural bounty to create new genres of cuisine with exceptional flavors and textures.


Peruvian Food Tour – Itinerary

DAY 1: Peru Culinary Tour Begins

Arrive in Lima. Check into accommodations. Welcome orientation with guide and optional group dinner. Stay in a boutique hotel.


DAY 2: Experience Lima Culinary Scene

Morning visit to Lima’s largest food market, followed by a ceviche class and lunch. Visit a boutique coffee producer and sample traditional desserts. Stay in a boutique hotel.


DAY 3: Explore Downtown Lima & Chinatown

Visit Lima’s colonial center and the oldest house in the Americas. Explore Chinatown. Tour of Chifa restaurant kitchen and tasting menu. Afternoon Pisco tasting. Dinner at a top restaurant. Stay in a boutique hotel.


DAY 4: Cusco 

Fly to Cusco. Relax or explore the city on your own. Welcome dinner of Novoandina cuisine. Stay in a cozy hotel near Plaza de Armas.


DAY 5: Explore Cusco and Cooking Class

Wander Cusco’s colorful San Pedro market. Cusco walking tour. Late afternoon cooking class at a top restaurant. Stay in a cozy hotel near Plaza de Armas.


DAY 6: Village Pachamanca

Stroll through the Sacsayhuaman ruins overlooking Cusco. Experience Pachamanca celebration in a small village. Visit Pisac market. Stay in a cozy hotel near Plaza de Armas.


DAY 7: Discover the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Visit Chinchero weaver’s village. Discover Inca agricultural ruins of Moray and salt ponds at Maras. Explore ruins at Ollantaytambo. Train to Aguas Calientes. Overnight in Aguas Calientes hotel.


DAY 8: Revel in the Splendor of Machu Picchu

Explore incredible Machu Picchu. Optional climb of Wayna Picchu. Return by train to Ollantaytambo and then drive to Cusco. Optional farewell dinner. Stay in a cozy hotel near Cusco’s Plaza de Armas.


DAY 9: Peru Tour Ends

Your Peru culinary tour ends today. Fly to Lima and then home, or you may also choose to spend a few extra days on your own exploring Cusco or other areas of Peru.