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Escape to the heart of Central America to enjoy world-class breaks, spectacular scenery, stylish accommodation and high quality instruction on our El Salvador surf camps. El Salvador has everything that nearby Costa Rica is famous for - magnificent beaches, lush jungle, quality surf and vibrant culture - but without the crowds and throngs of tourists.

On our El Salvador surf camps, you'll explore the very best of El Salvador's coastline, the secluded beaches of the East Coast where we'll use local fishermen’s pangas to access uncrowded breaks, the long white sand beginner beaches at the Costa del Sol, and the world-class breaks and striking black sand beaches of La Libertad. As an option, you will get the chance to visit El Impossible National Park (one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world), where you'll experience El Salvador's nature at its best if surf conditions are not suitable. Active volcanoes, vibrant fishing villages and towns, memorable accommodation including seaside bungalows and oceanfront villas are just a few of this tour's special treats!

If you would like to develop your surfing skills in an uncrowded tropical paradise, then our El Salvador surf camps are perfect for you! Please call (650) 492 – 4778 or email us for more information.

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Thanks to El Salvador's diverse range of breaks (from easy beach breaks ideal for beginners, to powerful point breaks to challenge experts), our El Salvador surf holidays are open to surfers of all abilities. Our expert coaching team is experienced in coaching all levels, including first time surfers.

Beginners will be taught everything they need to know to not only catch their first waves, but to ensure they have the confidence and knowledge to continue surfing after the tour is over.

Intermediate and advanced surfers will be taught to better control their boards, to surf more confidently and aggressively and to take full advantage of the wave face.

All levels will also receive workshops on such topics as wave patterns, currents and tides, potentially dangerous situations, and surf report reading. Video coaching is available during your stay, for an additional cost.

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DAY 1: Arrive & Relax
Pick up from San Salvador Airport. Check into beachfront accommodation.

DAY 2: El Salvador Surf Holiday Begins
Morning surf session. Afternoon wakesurfing session and boat tour of mangroves through the jungle with volcanoes in the distance (October through April). Stay at beachfront accommodation.

DAY 3: Surfing Local Breaks
Two more surf lessons. Optional afternoon wakesurfing (October through April). Stay at beachfront accommodation.

DAY 4: More Surfing & Drive to West Coast
Surf session and then drive to El Salvador's West Coast. After a sunset surf session we'll enjoy dinner overlooking the ocean. Stay at 4-star, cliff-top villas.

DAY 5: Optional Activity Day & Surfing
Activity day. Optional mountain biking or hiking in El Impossible National Rainforest Park. Sunset surf lesson. Stay at 4-star, cliff-top villas.

DAY 6: Last El Salvador Surfing Day & Dinner
Final two surf lessons. Farewell dinner. Stay at 4-star, cliff-top villas.

DAY 7: Our El Salvador Surf Holiday Ends
Drop-off at San Salvador Airport.



7 days


All Year

Prices from

USD 1990

Skill level

Beg - Adv

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Our El Salvador surf camps are ideal for surfers of all abilities, including first timers. They are perfect for those wishing to experience a variety of El Salvador's breaks, scenery and culture rather than staying at just one beach, as many camps do. Our El Salvador surf camps are also ideal for those wanting warm weather & water, and stylish accommodations.

*Costa Rica quality breaks without the crowds
*Boat access to secluded beaches (May to September)
*Improve your skills by wakesurfing in a sheltered lagoon (October to April)
* Stylish, beachfront accommodation with breathtaking ocean views
*Mangrove boat tour past jungle & volcanoes (October to April).



Quality point and beach breaks

Instructor to Guest Ratio


Max Group Size



3 nights in comfortable oceanfront bungalows or 3 nights in 4-star, cliff-top villas, and 3 nights in stylish oceanfront villas


All breakfasts included

Travel Info

Important flight, insurance and equipment information

Hope (USA): We had a wonderful time on our Access Trip and Roy was a terrific guide -- thoughtful, smart, and very accommodating and attentive! He made sure we got to uncrowded breaks, and we learned a lot about El Salvador. Thanks for all of your help and for a great trip!