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The quality of the surf on our El Salvador tours is summed up in one simple quote by Surfer Magazine's Matt Warshaw:

"Nearly every big-ticket surf trip I've taken for the past 30-something years has to one degree or another been a disappointment in terms of wave quality. Just two places actually turned out better than expected: the Mentawais and, as I would come to find out, El Salvador."

El Salvador's coastline is literally swarming with awesome right point breaks. Considering the small size of the country, El Salvador beaches could easily claim the highest density of quality point breaks in Central America. Many of the waves you'll experience during our El Salvador tours break for almost 200m/650ft without closing out. The gentle, consistent beach break found on Costa del Sol is the perfect introduction to surfing. In the words of our trip leader Roy, "It is my opinion and the opinion of many other Central American surfers who have surfed in Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico, that El Salvador offers much better breaks - not only in terms of wave quality but also in terms of consistency. El Salvador beaches offer the perfect location for beginners to learn to surf."


The terrain you'll experience on the mountain biking portion of our El Salvador tours is equally spectacular. Our off-road trails take you through lush rainforest and rolling hillsides. Our instructors will emphasize efficient use of your mountain bike as we navigate through the Salvadorian bush, discovering uncharted trails or creating our own. We will also bike along the famous (and scenic) trail surrounding Bosque El Imposible National Park, one of El Salvador's most vital remaining natural areas of the coastal mountain range Apaneca-Ilmatepec. This steep terrain ranges from 900 to 4,300 feet above sea level.


You will be wakesurfing on the glassy waters of a lush mangrove lagoon with volcanoes and jungles in the background.