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Arrival and Departure Airport: You should fly into and depart from Kayseri Airport (airport code: ASR) or Nevsehir (airport code: NAV) in Turkey. Please plan to arrive at anytime on Day 1, and depart after 6pm on Day 8. Please note this may require an overnight stay in Istanbul to meet your international connection. We are happy make reservations if you decide to stay in Urgup for an extra night. Also, Nevsehir Airport will be the closest airport at the end of the trip. However, you may find more departure flight options at Kayseri Airport.

Pick-up & Drop-off Information: We provide complimentary group airport pick-ups and drop-offs on the first and last day of the trip. We will be waiting for you with a sign saying 'Access Trips' as you exit customs at Kayseri or Nevsehir Airport. If you would like to be picked up or dropped off on a different day or to somewhere other than the airport, please contact us.

Airlines and Checking Equipment: If you intend to bring your own bike, please check with your airline regarding policies for checking and transporting sports gear and equipment before you book your flight. This includes inquiring as to weight, charges and liability.

Flights: We do not book flights or insurance for our clients. For recommendations, click here


Travel Insurance: Medical insurance, including emergency evacuation coverage, is compulsory for all our trips. Please do not attend any of our trips without purchasing appropriate insurance coverage and providing the details to Access Trips. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance that includes cancellation protection so that you will be covered in the event that you are unable to attend our trip (due to injury, illness or other unforeseen circumstances). We do not provide travel insurance for our clients. Please contact your local travel agent to purchase travel insurance. Additional details are on our website at:

Passports & Visas: All countries require a valid passport (with a minimum of 6 months validity). Citizens of some countries will also require a visa. Please see below for more details:

Age: Most of our trips do not have any age restrictions. The majority of our clients are between the ages of 28 and 50, but we also have many clients who are older and younger than this. Please contact us with any questions.


Emergency Contact: If you need to contact Access Trips in an emergency, you can reach us at the following:

Mobile-phone: +1 (415) 260-7270

Dialing within North America: 1 (650) 492-4778
Dialing outside of North America: +1 (650) 492-4778

If you do not receive an immediate answer when calling the above numbers, please leave us a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Health requirements: Please carefully review the health information section of the following webpage for up-to-date health information, including information on the quality of medical care, the availability of medications and the necessity for vaccinations in the destination country: We strongly recommend that you visit a travel doctor before embarking on international travel. You are responsible for ensuring that you receive any necessary vaccinations before traveling on your trip with us.

Fitness requirements: Our Cappadocia Village Tour is appropriate for advanced beginners to more experienced bikers. You should have a reasonable level of fitness and be able to bike for up to 6 hours each day. Van support is available for most of the trip so if you find yourself getting tired (especially on an uphill) you will be able to jump in the van for a break. We recommend seeing a doctor before participating in any new physical activities.

Safety & Security: To maximize your safety during our tours you should exercise common sense and caution at all times. We recommend that you always stick to set travel arrangements, and avoid unknown areas. We also recommend that you wear minimal jewelry and that you keep valuable items safely stored. Always keep a copy of your passport, airline tickets, travelers checks and credit card numbers separate from where you keep the originals. For information on safety and security in Turkey, please review the safety and security section of the following webpage:

As in all parts of the world, women walking alone in certain areas of cities and rural areas are particularly vulnerable to harassment from men. Women are advised to travel with a companion or in a group when possible and to ignore any harassment. Responding to verbal harassment can escalate the situation. The best course of action is generally not to respond or make eye contact with the harasser.

Drinking water: You should drink only bottled water or water that has been filtered and boiled. Other bottled beverages are safe to drink.

Climate, Currency, Banking & Electricity

Climate: The average temperatures for spring and early fall (May and September) is 78F- 81F during the day and 60F- 63F at night. Early summer (June) warms up a bit with temperatures around 83F- 87F during the day and 65F- 68F in the evenings. Late summer temperatures (August) can be between 86F- 90F during the day and 68F-74F at night. In early October, you can usually expect daytime temperatures between 73F- 77F and 53F- 59F at night. However, there is also a chance of rain and cold weather in the fall. Please pack hats, gloves, and warmer clothes during this time.

Currency & Banking:On January 1, 2009, Turkey introduced a new, smaller-sized currency referred to as Turkish Lira. It makes most sense to wait until you arrive in Turkey to change your money, since you will probably get a better exchange rate inside the country than outside. For the latest currency exchange information please go to:

ATM's are available in all cities and major towns and will dispense new Turkish lira to Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus and Maestro card holders.
Credit Cards are widely accepted by hotels, shops, bars and restaurants, although not by pensions and local restaurants outside main tourist areas. American Express is rarely accepted.

Note: It is recommended to notify your bank or card issuer that you intend to travel abroad so that no block will be put on the usage of your credit or ATM cards.

Electricity: Turkey operates on 220 volts, 50 Hz, with round-prong European-style plugs that fit into recessed wall sockets /points.

PLEASE NOTE: The hotels do not have adaptors



We have bikes available for rent. This option saves you the time and hassle of dismantling and shipping your own bike. Please see the optional extras in our booking form for information about our bike rental prices or email us at

However, you are welcome to bring your own bike if you prefer. We recommend that your bike have at least front suspension and that it is a quality brand (Giant, Trek, Kona, Cannondale, Scott, Specialized). If you bring your own bike it is important that you check it thoroughly to ensure it is in good mechanical order before you depart for your trip. Our team is equipped to make minor repairs but to save you hassles during the journey it is a good idea to check your bike before you arrive. If you are not familiar with bike maintenance, your local bike shop can help you with this.

Also, if you intend to bring your own bike, please check with your airline regarding policies for checking and transporting sports gear and equipment before you book your flight. This includes inquiring as to weight, charges, and liabilities.

Additional things to bring: To minimize the effort of carrying your bags into your accommodation each evening, we recommend that you pack as lightly as possible.

We suggest that you bring the following items:

Note: While not mandatory, when not biking we recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing that covers your shoulders and knees, out of respect for the culture you are visiting.

Clothing & Equipment
* your bike (if you decide to bring your own)
* helmet
* padded bike shorts
* bike gloves
* cycling shoes
* water bottle or camelback (we will supply water bottles but you may like to bring your own)
* T-shirts
* a rain coat (just in case!)
* walking shoes
* sandals
* a sweater for potential cool evenings in spring months
* hats, gloves, and a warm jacket for riding in potentially cold weather during fall months
* toiletries
* money belt
* sunscreen
* sunglasses
* swimsuit
* first-aid kit (should contain lip balm, aspirin, band aids, a cream for sore muscles (e.g. deep heat), extra prescription drugs you may be taking)

Documents & Money
* Passport (with photocopies)
* Travel insurance (with photocopies)
* Airline tickets (with photocopies)
* Credit and/or debit card and/or travelers cheques and/or cash
* Any entry visas required

Spending Money
* Meals - All meals are included in the trip price.
* Other expenses - There are no required additional expenses for this trip, but you might like to take spending money for such things as souvenir shopping, drinks and internet cafes.
* Tipping - Tips for meals are included in the trip price. However, discretionary gratuities are greatly appreciated in Turkey for your driver and guide. Most people choose tip $10 per day for the driver and $20 per day for the guide. It is also customary to leave $3 per person/ per day at your hotel.


Country Information: For additional information about traveling in Turkey:

Currency Exchange: The currency in Turkey is the New Turkish Lira (TRY). For the latest currency exchange information:


The information contained in this document is provided in good faith. Due to the nature of travel, details in this document may change. You should thus use the above information as an indication only and not as a contractual obligation on the part of Access Trips, Ltd.