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We know there are other companies offering Turkey bike trips but we feel that we are unique because we don`t just guide you; we actively teach you using knowledgeable instructors, and small, tailored groups. You may think riding a bike is easy, and in fact it is! But to really make the most of mountain biking it`s essential to know the right skills and techniques. This will enable you to get off the beaten track to enjoy the most spectacular scenery and the most exhilarating riding. Biking through a breathtaking and historically rich country like Turkey is enjoyable in itself, but you`ll find your Turkey bike tour that much more satisfying if you also improve your biking knowledge and learn new skills during your travels.


Our Turkey mountain bike trip is ideally suited to those who have some experience mountain biking. To read more about our Turkey bike instruction for advanced-beginners, please check out our beginners section.

Intermediates & Advanced
Although we cover a variety of terrain and quite a few miles during the course of our Turkey bike trips, the trails are not that technically challenging and the instruction on this trip is therefore best suited for advanced beginners and intermediates. Our Turkey bike trips are 80% off-road so you will have the chance to seek out some more challenging trails, but in general these trips are not planned for advanced mountain bikers who wish to develop their mountain bike skills. If, on the other hand, you`re looking for a great way to experience Turkey `off the beaten track`, alongside knowledgeable guides, our Turkey bike tour is ideal for you. Advanced riders will be given the opportunity to go on longer rides throughout the Turkey bike tour.


Our highest priority when running our Turkey bike trips is to recruit the best staff in the industry! In selecting our staff we not only look for knowledgeable guides and instructors but also those who have the necessary personalities to make your Turkey bike trip unforgettable.

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