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The unique composition of the Cappadocia region offers spectacular trails for mountain biking in Turkey. Our Turkey mountain biking tour takes full advantage of this with thrilling downhills, satisfying climbs (with van support in case you get tired), and spectacular scenery. These trails are 80% off-road which means you can access the very best of Cappadocia's scenery and can get away from the tourists to enjoy authentic, out-of-the-way villages and landscapes. You'll also have the chance to develop your mountain biking skills in Turkey as you negotiate winding paths and undulating trails that follow rivers, cross small mountains, and traverse deep canyons.

The terrain we use for mountain biking in Turkey is not technically difficult but you should have some prior mountain biking experience. Our Turkey mountain biking instructors will be there to help you improve on your basic skills and to provide you with tips and encouragement along the way as you mountain bike in Turkey. Our van will also follow us throughout the journey in case anybody needs a break.

Mountain biking in Turkey is also enjoyable for more experienced mountain bikers. Although the trails are not particularly challenging, the spectacular scenery, unique culture and remarkable history that they enable us to reach make mountain biking in Turkey an unforgettable journey.

Average daily distance: 33 kms/20 miles
Average daily % off-road: 80%